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As a DAN member, you are part of an affiliate community counting over 400.000 divers worldwide.
Together, we are a family of divers assisting one another, every step of the way.

Membership Benefits

DAN is divers helping divers, and your DAN membership helps you, too.

For only 27.50 € per year you get a host of great benefits, while supporting DAN's mission of providing emergency medical assistance and promoting dive safety.

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Your way to support DAN's mission of providing emergency medical assistance and promoting dive safety. It doesn't include an insurance cover. Benefits include medical advice & specialist referrals, participation in diving safety seminars & conferences, and much more.

Dive Doctors
Emergency Calls / Year
Your diving safety organisation
is better

DAN is the first and largest organisation promoting diving safety, with an international network of 180+ dive doctors assisting over 400,000 members worldwide.

This means a solid, experienced organisation, backing you in all your dive explorations.

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Dive Insurance

In the early 80' DAN was the first to design specific insurance covers for diving activities.

Today, our organisation has an unparalleled experience in the field, and is able, through its insurance subsidiaries, to manage claims efficiently thanks to a competent, caring team, whilst abiding to industry laws and regulations.

Advancements in
Medical Research

Flying after diving guidelines, diving with diabetes, PFO-related issues, advancements in decompression algorithms, and much more: DAN research continues to act as an important benchmark for the scientific and diving communities.

That's not all: you can actively contribute to all this, donating your dive profile and data, in a fascinating citizen science project.

Diver Safety lives here

What does diving safety mean? In our vision, it is trying to make any dive accident and injury free. This includes developing programs addressed to a large spectrum of stakeholders, from dive professionals to hyperbaric chambers.
DAN also supports and promotes safety campaigns addressing specific needs- from air quality to dehydration - with the aim of reducing preventable accidents.

Happier with DAN

The best advert is the one made by divers themselves. Talk to your local dive community and listen to the stories of cases managed by DAN. Or read comments online about fellow divers assisted by our network. Don't forget the wealth of safety-related, timely information all members enjoy through the Alert Diver magazine and at live events, conferences and seminars.

Protecting you, one dive at a time. Since 1983.

Inspired by the past, projected into the future. We look forward to working with Members, diving organisations, and the community, to keep making diving safer in the next 40 years.

Ocean Care

Knowing how threatened marine ecosystems are today, we can't talk about diving safety if we don't talk about ocean safety too.

Learn about our initiatives to help take care of the blue planet.

Dive safe, Explore more
No matter what kind of diver you are or what kind of environment you explore, DAN Europe is there to protect you.
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We’ve been providing essential services to the diving community for 40 years now. From recreational, to OC technical, to CCR diving, all kind of divers can feel confident that DAN will be on their side, when they need it the most.

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DAN is here for you when you need us, and there are many ways you can be there for DAN.

Claudius Obermaier

Charity Fund

A charity fund, taking care of divers and their families who find themselves in difficulty following a dive incident.

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Medical Research


You can support multiple research projects that benefit you and the entire community.

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Disabled Divers Support


We can all do a lot to break down stereotypes underlying discrimination, overcome barriers and promote a more inclusive life for people experiencing any kind of disability.

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