Membership Benefits

DAN is divers helping divers, and your DAN membership helps you, too.

For only 27.50 € per year your membership helps you find that peace of mind,
while supporting our mission of creating a safer diving community.
Emergency Medical Assistance

A 24/7 emergency hotline, always there for you. 

If you’ve had an accident, request specialised assistance from DAN Alarm Centre. 

You can use this service for both diving and non-diving medical emergencies.

Wherever you are, at any time, DAN is by your side.

Emergency Procedures
Medical Consultancy

Are you unsure as to how your health condition may affect your dives? Ask our specialists before taking unnecessary risks.

Though we cannot certify your fitness to dive from afar, our diving Medical Doctors can help you clarify any doubts regarding health and diving.

Ask DAN Doctors
Travel Assistance

Are you planning a journey? You can ask DAN about:

  • Vaccines and inoculation requirements 
  • Pre-trip safety information
  • Any visa or permit requirements
  • Language and time zone information
Contact us
Legal Advice

Over the years, DAN Europe has consolidated a network of lawyers experienced in dive-related cases. In case of need, you can contact our Legal Network to request non-urgent legal consultancy.

Safety Initiatives

Take an active role in DAN Research projects

You can participate in the exciting field studies and events DAN organises to improve dive safety and awareness.




Your way to support DAN's mission of providing emergency medical assistance and promoting dive safety. It doesn't include an insurance cover. Benefits include medical advice & specialist referrals, participation in diving safety seminars & conferences, and much more.