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  • Death extension: you can increase by either €25,000 or €50,000 the cover limit in case of death due to a diving accident. This extension does not apply to technical dives.
  • Travel No-Limits: you can extend the duration of the coverage for non-diving emergencies abroad to the whole subscription period (one year).
  • Benefits for your family: you can include your family members (partner and/or children) into your cover for non-diving emergencies abroad.
  • You will receive your member card(s) by email, as soon as the payment is confirmed.
  • This card will also be available in the MyDAN area and on the DAN Europe app.
  • In an effort to limit the potential negative environmental impact of our operations, all DAN Europe cards are digital.
  • Yes, your insurance cover remains valid even if you decide to travel against the advice of your government.
  • However, please note that DAN may be unable to assist you as effectively as it would under normal circumstances, due to the serious logistical issues the pandemic may cause in any given area.
  • For instance, arranging a repatriation may be unfeasible due to border closures; likewise, medical facilities might be overwhelmed or unavailable altogether.
  • In light of this, please follow carefully the indications of the government of your country of residence as well as those of local authorities.
  • Yes, your coverage remains valid, subject to the conditions and limits of your policy.
  • Please also note that:
    • In case of diving emergency, the coverage is valid provided there are no restrictions placed on diving activities in the area where you intend to dive.
    • In case of non-diving emergencies abroad, expenses associated to Covid-19 are excluded.
  • Unlike standard travel insurances, DAN Europe plans exclusively focus on medical emergencies.
  • As a result, the consequences of travel disruptions caused by Covid-19 are not covered.
  • For instance, if your flight were to be cancelled, your expenses would not be taken on by the insurers as this does not constitute a medical emergency
  • See also: Is a standard travel insurance included other than the diving insurance?
  • The insurance cover for diving-related medical emergencies is valid worldwide, for 365 days.
  • The cover for NON-diving related medical emergencies is only valid when you are travelling abroad, for a number of days which varies according to the plan you have chosen.
  • The third party liability cover is valid worldwide except in the United States and Canada.

Yes, you can use these plans for students residing in any country.

Yes, they are valid worldwide.

No, he is not.
The student plans are only valid during the courses they have been activated for.

  • Access your MyDAN
  • Click on "Insurance"
  • In the student section, click on "Add a new user". If the student already has a DAN account, click on "Select an already registered student".
  • Coverage's are immediately active and you also get a confirmation e-mail.
  • Free student coverage's can only be used for entry level students - student plans can be used for students of other courses as well.
  • Free coverage's entail one aggregate cover limit of €15,000 for all students - student plans individually cover each student up to €30,000.
  • Free coverage's last max. 90 days - student plans last up to 365 days. They both expire on the student's certification date.
  • Free coverage's stay valid as long as the instructor who is using them is teaching the course in person - student plans cover the insured student no matter who is actually teaching the course.

Yes, you do.
The number of these free student coverage's varies according to your plan.

You can insure your scuba and freediving students attending entry level, advanced and specialty courses as well as freediving workshops.

Pro and Club members as well as DAN Professional and Business Partners.

  • Country of residence means your country of permanent residence provided by you when applying for this insurance. This is the country where you will be repatriated in the event of a medical emergency, if required.
  • You must indicate your actual country of residence, namely the one wherein you legally reside.
  • You can indicate a different mailing address though to receive our mails.
  • Whether you are abroad or in your home country, the diving cover is valid for one year, worldwide.
  • The cover for non-diving related medical emergencies is only active while you are travelling abroad, for a limited number of travelling days a year (60 in the Bronze, 90 in the Silver, 120 in the Gold).
  • Travelling days are counted from the time your current journey has started. E.g.: If you activate a Pro Silver after 10 days into your trip abroad, the non-diving cover is reduced to 80 days per year.
  • By "Journey" we mean a trip outside your declared country of residence not undertaken as a result of your work, occupation, or any profession other than Professional Diving.
  • If you add the "Travel No-Limits" optional benefit, you extend the duration of the non-diving cover to the whole insurance period (one year).

Yes, the subscription to DAN Europe and the related medical coverage is valid worldwide including the USA and Canada. In the specific case of the Third Party Liability and Legal Expenses policy for professional divers, the coverage applies only if you are sued in a court or according to the laws of Countries within the DAN Europe territory. The insurance companies of DAN Europe are not authorized to offer liability coverage to residents or companies registered in the territories of USA and/or Canada. Below are a few examples of how the liability coverage applies:

  • If you are in the USA or Canada for an instruction trip or to accompany European students/clients, you are covered only according to the policy terms and conditions and if you are sued in a court or according to the laws applying within the DAN Europe territory. Here one has to consider the likelihood that the student or client would sue once back in Europe rather than in the USA or Canada.
  • If you are in the USA or Canada for an instruction trip or to accompany European students/clients you are covered by the policy terms and conditions. Your coverage also applies if you are sued in a court of law, or according to the laws of countries within the DAN Europe territory. In this case, one has to consider the likelihood that the student or client would pursue the claim once back in Europe, rather than in the USA or Canada.
  • If you are insured, and carry out professional activity in the USA or Canada not in compliance with the local immigration, or employment and insurance laws, your insurance coverage may become invalid depending on the violations of law.

Yes, it does. In fact, the student plans have nothing to do with the professional liability insurance of your Pro Member plan.
Whether you decide or not to provide your students with an insurance coverage, this does not affect your liability cover (as long as there is one).

  • No, your students are not automatically covered.
  • However, you can cover for free a number of your entry-level students by registering them on your MyDAN.
  • Furthermore, you can purchase specific insurance plans for your scuba and freediving students attending entry level, advanced and specialty courses as well as freediving workshops.

During the enrolment / renewal online process, you can request the notification service by ticking the box next to "Also send a notification to my training agency". Then you just have to select your organization from the list and type your instructor code. It goes without saying that this notification service does not replace the instructor's obligation to fulfil the contractual duties signed for at the time of certification.