The first step in being prepared to handle an emergency is education. DAN courses teach you the first aid steps to care for an injured person and interact with medical professionals.

"We use DAN Europe safety standards for their reliability and effectiveness in the criteria for selecting Cousteau Divers centers all over the world." 
Pierre-Yves Cousteau, President of Cousteau Divers
Why choose a DAN course?

DAN courses are developed by a team of Medical and Educational Specialists.

Some courses are specifically developed for divers or life guards, while others such as the BLS and First Aid course are aimed at a wider audience.
We also developed specific programs for medical professionals to help them gain a better understanding of dive medicine and how to respond to a dive emergency.

Basic Life Support & Defibrillation

Learn to provide aid in the case of sudden cardiac arrest, including the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

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Oxygen First Aid

Learn to identify diving accidents, and to provide emergency first aid with the administration of oxygen.

Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

Learn to recognize and avoid injuries caused by hazardous marine life, and to provide the necessary first aid.

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Take a DAN Training course! Use the search form below to find the contact details of DAN Training Educators near you. Search among more then 8000 DAN Instructors and some 600 Instructor Trainers within the DAN Europe territories!

We only publish contact information of active DAN Educators who have expressely authorised us to do so. If you yourself are an Educator and wish to be included in the list, go to your MyDAN area and fill out the online form (web info). Course prices are not determined by DAN Europe.

Learn how to become a first-aid and rescue leader with DAN
Become a DAN Instructor

DAN Instructor Qualification Courses (IQC) are organised worldwide by DAN Instructor Trainers.

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Become a DAN Instructor Trainer

DAN Instructor Trainers have achieved the highest level of training available in the DAN Education system.

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Crossover to DAN

Are you a First Aid instructor?
Take part in a Crossover Course and discover the high quality of DAN Education.

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DAN Education team

The DAN Europe Education (EDU) team consists of a group of dedicated professionals who work together to continually improve and update training standards, create innovative courses, and provide an exceptional learning experience for all. Our team collaborates extensively with all other DAN divisions, in particular with the research team. The DAN Europe Training Committee consists of Medical Advisors and Regional Training Coordinators who actively represent DAN Education in their respective regions.