Sport Member Questions
  • Insurance cover for recreational and professional diving emergencies (scuba and freediving): valid worldwide, for 365 days.
  • Coverage for non-diving related emergencies: valid only when you are travelling abroad, for a number of days which varies according to the plan you have chosen. If you add the “Travel No-Limits” optional benefit, its duration is extended to the whole subscription period (one year).
  • Third party liability insurance and legal defence regarding recreational diving (not available in all countries).
  • Recreational diving means technical and non-technical recreational diving, without any form of remuneration.
  • Diving as instructors or guides is not considered recreational diving.

Professional Diving means the provision of advice and instruction in snorkel and/or recreational diving including all organising, supervising, training, escorting or guiding services provided by diving instructors, assistant instructors or underwater guides including personal Recreational Diving Activity and work (both voluntary and remunerated) for civil protection agencies.
Diving Activities directly or indirectly related to scientific, exploratory or media activities are also considered professional diving (unless purely voluntary without any form of remuneration or reward).

  • Death extension: you can increase by either €25,000 or €50,000 the cover limit in case of death due to a diving accident. This extension does not apply to technical dives.
  • Travel No-Limits: you can extend the duration of the coverage for non-diving emergencies abroad to the whole subscription period (one year).
  • Benefits for your family: you can include your family members (partner and/or children) into your cover for non-diving emergencies abroad.
  • DAN Europe does not offer insurance plans for your dive equipment.
  • The Sport Silver and Gold plans cover the insured or rescuers' equipment only following an indemnifiable own or 3rd party diving accident (up to the cover limit shown on the insurance certificate).
  • DAN Europe recommends you not to exceed the limits of your dive certification. However, only the Sport Bronze plan draws a depth limit of 40mt in compressed air and nitrox, while all of the other plans do not have depth limits. Therefore, the insurance for diving emergencies stays valid even if you dive deeper than allowed by your certification.
  • On the other hand, the Third Party Liability insurance ceases to be valid if you breach any law or rule, including diving deeper than allowed in your certificate.

The accident insurance, which is included in the DAN Europe Sport Member plans, covers the medical expenses arising from an incident in accordance with the policy terms and conditions (the Insured must take all reasonable precautions to safeguard his own security during the diving activity). Therefore, we are not going to verify whether the insured has any dry suit specialty.

  • Country of residence means your country of permanent residence provided by you when applying for this insurance. This is the country where you will be repatriated in the event of a medical emergency, if required
  • You must indicate your actual country of residence, namely the one wherein you legally reside
  • You can indicate a different mailing address though to receive our mails.

Important notice: the information displayed in this page is not meant in any way to replace or complete the insurance conditions and certificates.