Family Plan Questions

A Family Plan is a plan which may include up to 4 people: 1 holder and 3 family members at most.
It is a handy and convenient solution for family of divers.
The family members do not need to travel or dive as a group.

  • If you and your family members are recreational divers, choose a Family Sport.
  • If you are a professional diver but your family members are recreational, we suggest a Family Mix.
  • Find out more about about the Family Plan.
  • Your married or legal partner;
  • Your children if unmarried and under 18 years old and with the same permanent home address as yours;
  • Your children up to their 25th birthday if they are enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited school or college/university, unemployed on a full-time basis and have the same permanent home address as yours.

We mean the partner whom you officially share the same permanent address with. It is not required to be married or to be legally registered as a couple.

Yes, provided that:

  • They reside in the same country of residence as yours;
  • They meet the age and status requirements of the family plans;
  • You have not been deprived of your parental responsibility.
  • Travel No-Limits: you can extend the duration of the coverage for non-diving emergencies abroad to the whole subscription period (one year), for you and your family members.
  • No further optional benefits are available in a Family Plan.

Important notice: the information displayed in this page is not meant in any way to replace or complete the insurance conditions and certificates.