Covid-19 Emergency FAQ
  • Expenses linked to Covid-19 (e.g.: specialised medical treatments or repatriation) are not covered.
  • What is covered is the immediate life-saving medical care in the first hours on admission, if required.
  • Unlike standard travel insurances, DAN Europe plans exclusively focus on medical emergencies.
  • As a result, the consequences of travel disruptions caused by Covid-19 are not covered.
  • For instance, if your flight were to be cancelled, your expenses would not be taken on by the insurers as this does not constitute a medical emergency
  • See also: Is a standard travel insurance included other than the diving insurance?
  • Yes, your coverage remains valid, subject to the conditions and limits of your policy.
  • Please also note that:
    • In case of diving emergency, the coverage is valid provided there are no restrictions placed on diving activities in the area where you intend to dive.
    • In case of non-diving emergencies abroad, expenses associated to Covid-19 are excluded.
  • Yes, your insurance cover remains valid even if you decide to travel against the advice of your government.
  • However, please note that DAN may be unable to assist you as effectively as it would under normal circumstances, due to the serious logistical issues the pandemic may cause in any given area.
  • For instance, arranging a repatriation may be unfeasible due to border closures; likewise, medical facilities might be overwhelmed or unavailable altogether.
  • In light of this, please follow carefully the indications of the government of your country of residence as well as those of local authorities.

Important notice: the information displayed in this page is not meant in any way to replace or complete the insurance conditions and certificates.