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Why choose DAN
24/7 Multilingual Diving Emergency Hotline

Why is it so special? 

It’s a hotline fully dedicated to divers, managed by DAN’s medical network, handling over 5.500 emergency calls per year and offering timely assistance in case the unexpected happens.

Limitless Payment of Emergency Medical Transportation

Why do I need this? 

Sending out a helicopter or speedboat to assist a diver in the middle of nowhere can bear considerable costs. DAN’s reliable service providers make the process quicker and more effective.

Payment of Emergency Medical Treatment, Hyperbaric Therapy and Hospitalisation

Why is it so important?

Treatment of dive injuries can be very expensive, especially abroad and when specialised care and hyperbaric therapy are required. Reliable insurance coverage is essential.

Travel Accident

What does it cover?

Divers are travellers, which is why we offer specific insurance covers for costs deriving from non-diving emergencies abroad, so that our members can enjoy holidays with peace of mind.

Professional Third-Party
Liability Insurance

How much is covered?

Diving professionals are offered a 4.000.000€ cover for third-party liability. This specific insurance is made for professionals in need of comprehensive protection against another party’s claims, including legal defence.