DAN Instructor Trainer

DAN Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW)


DAN Europe ITW's are organised by DAN Europe Training. Only Staff members and members of the DAN Europe Training committee can offer this Programme.

After completing a 3 day DAN Instructor Trainer Workshop, DAN Instructor Trainers can present the knowledge and skills development sessions of the Core Module the various course modules of the IQC.

During the ITW, candidates will be trained and prepared to run an IQC by themselves and promote diving safety and the DAN courses. Additionally the candidates will learn how to evaluate first aid Instructors during skill practise and will be able to provide role model demonstrations on both Instructor and Instructor Trainer level.

An Instructor Trainer Certifier will assess the skills and exam on the last day of the ITW to guarantee an impartial judgement and the best possible quality.

DAN Instructor Trainer Requirements

Candidates that are active DAN instructors for diving first aid courses will be able to access the DAN Instructor Trainer level for all training programs, otherwise they will only be able to access this level for the programs that do not involve diving first aid (except for the ”Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic Emergencies” course).


Candidates have to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • be an instructor trainer with experience conducting instructor level courses for a recognized diver certification organization;
  • be an instructor trainer for a recognized first aid organization;
  • expert trainer for instructor level programs in a professionally recognized context, where knowledge and skill development activities are involved;

Be a DAN Europe Member, as well as be current on the  annual renewal fee (Teaching Status) for Instructor level, and not have committed any disciplinary irregularities.


Candidates must have certified a number of providers at least equal to what is stated below

To become DAN Instructor Trainer for all training programmes
  • 20 providers BLSD or PBLSD
  • 20 providers Oxygen First Aid
  • 40 total providers in at least 3 different programmes between ADV O2, Neuro, HMLI, MO2R, FA.
To become DAN Instructor Trainer for training programmes that do not involve aquatic first aid

(except for the ”Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic Emergencies” course)

  • 60 providers BLSD or PBLSD
  • 20 providers First Aid

DAN Training Dept. may require, at its discretion, additional information:
business plan | curriculum vitae | copy of any disciplinary sanctions / actions from other organisations