Dive Safety Officer
Quick facts

What | Dive Safety Officer course by DAN Europe

Where | Online

When | May - June 2024

Instructors | Guy Thomas, François Burman, and other diving safety professionals

Tuition fees | 750 EUR

Info & Registration | [email protected]

About the course

DAN’s Dive Safety Officer (DSO) course aims to train diving professionals in the fields of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.
They can work for, or offer their services to dive centers, where they can develop Standard Operation Procedures and Emergency Action Plans.
They are also able to help with the implementation of all that is required for DAN’s HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment), level III.


Why it is important

To mitigate a risk, one must be able to understand and identify hazards and perform a risk assessment, but these specific skills are not a part of any kind of scuba diving course and require additional training.


Who the DSO Course is Aimed at

The DSO program is aimed at diving professionals who want to elevate their dive safety knowledge and skills. Individuals who receive the DAN DSO course certification have learned to identify and assist in mitigating technical and operational risks in the complete range of dive-related activities. They will have undergone the needed training to perform a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and to improve safety standards in dive operations. Their role is an extension of the mission of DAN to prevent injuries, and those who assume this vital role will have the optimal level of competence and confidence to perform this function well.



  • Must be over the age of 18 and be in good health

  • Be a diving professional with a high level of experience.

  • Preferabaly experienced with working in dive operations. 

Ask us if you are not sure.


Topics covered

Course subjects include:

  • Risk assessment and Mitigation

  • Noise and Lightning ergonomics

  • Fire Safety awareness

  • Oxygen Cleaning

  • Lubricants and sealants

  • Gas Compressors I Regulators I Compressed Air for Scuba Diving

  • Diving medicine lectures (4)

  • Ecological Aspects

  • Recompression Chambers

  • Sustainable Business Planning

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Safety Improvement Program

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • The Safety Manual

  • How to do a HIRA

  • Practical On-Site Assessments


Modules and Certification

The DSO is a 6-day / 40hrs course, which consists of both theoretical and practical sessions.

There will be an assessment at the completion of each session/module.

The course is taught exclusively in English.

On completion of your practical course, you will receive a DAN Dive Safety Officer Certification.

Certification does not have a expiry date, but participation in online update modules will be required.


Is There A Diving Safety Officer in The House?

We explain what you will learn during the course, and how this will impact your activities as diving professionals.

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