Dive Centre Questions
  • Third party liability insurance and legal defence regarding the dive services of the insured diving centre or club.
  • The liability insurance cover is also extended to those instructors and dive masters who are registered as staff members of the insured centre, whenever they work for it
  • Try Dive Accident Coverage: Personal accident coverage for clients attending Try Dive sessions. Medical expenses and hyperbaric treatments included, up to the maximum depth allowed by your teaching organization, but in any case not exceeding 15m. The number of insured Try Dive clients is unlimited. It is not required to provide DAN with the clients' names. Cover limit € 15,000
  • Premises Liability: Premises Liability covers the liability at law of a property owner and/or operator for accidental bodily injury or illness of any person and/or accidental loss of or damage to material property occurring within or from the insured Dive Centre and arising in connection with the insured Dive Club services. For liability at law to apply, there would normally be the need for the accident to have been caused by the property owner and/or operator's negligence or failure of his duty of care. By way of example this could include injuries occurring on the premises caused by a dive tank hitting clients after the collapse of storage rack, or damage to neighbouring property following a fire in the dive centre. 
    • Can this benefit replace a normal building third party liability? 
      Yes the extension is in fact a third party liability policy for the building.
    • I covered if the individual who got hurt in my premises is not a diver client?
      Yes, the Premises Liability extension covers the civil liability towards third parties injured on your premises, even if they are not divers. It is important though that the premises are only used as a dive centre.
    • Is this valid for all the premises and offices used by my dive centre?
      The cover for the premises liability is only valid at the addresses specified on the insurance schedule, that is the registered address and the operative location.
  • They are covered as far as their third party liability is concerned, as long as you registered them on the MyDAN.
  • In no case a Club Member plan cover the staff members' personal accidents. Each instructor or dive master needs to activate his own individual Pro Member or Sport Member plan to be covered.

Pro Member plans individually cover professional divers - Dive Centre plans cover legal entities such as dive centres and schools and other bodies.

Log on to your MyDAN > Insurance and register each dive instructor/guide into the dedicated section.

  • No, they are not automatically covered.
  • However, you can cover for free a number of your entry level students by registering them on your MyDAN.
  • Furthermore, you can purchase specific insurance plans for your scuba and freediving students.
  • Operative location means the premises where the diving centre services take place. (E.g.: generally, this is where the compressor is.)
  • Registered office means the address where the Dive Centre is legally registered.

DAN Europe cannot offer third party liability cover in all countries of its geographic area. That is why Dive Centre plans are only available in some countries.

Important notice: the information displayed in this page is not meant in any way to replace or complete the insurance conditions and certificates.