Changing behaviours, not mindset: a note from our Directors

Dear DAN Member,

In these difficult days, our international diving community is facing big challenges. COVID-19 is forcing us to keep our underwater exploration instinct quiet, and to limit interactions with our fellow dive buddies. It’s causing instability for all those who made diving their profession and source of income.

The epidemiological situation is constantly evolving. Nobody can predict how long this will last in Europe and the rest of the world. However, we’ve always believed in the power of positive, proactive behavior. We hear many people say: "there is nothing we can do". Is it true?

We believe everybody can do their part to make things better. How? Strictly following local laws and expert recommendations, to start with. Our team issued some guidelines here.

As divers, we are very familiar with concepts like risk management and mitigation. Even more so, we can play an important role in fighting this common enemy. DAN Members are true ambassadors of safety and good health habits. Now it’s time to practice what we’ve learned: manage risks, be prudent and attentive, respect life and the environment around us!

Important updates about our services

Here at DAN Europe, we implemented emergency measures to make sure we keep providing vital medical assistance services to all DAN Members around the world, whilst ensuring a safe work environment for our staff, shifting most of them to smart-working.

We might, in the coming days, be forced to temporarily reduce some non-vital services, such as the non-urgent info line by phone, but we already reinforced our email services.

We remind you of a couple of important addresses:

  • For information regarding your membership plan and insurance benefits: [email protected]
  • For non-urgent medical advice: [email protected]
  • Should you experience any difficulty in reaching our Emergency Line or Medical Services via phone, please contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

Have questions regarding current travel restrictions and insurance cover? Have a look here.

Time to react

While we wait for the situation to improve, we planned a series of webinars on diving safety subjects, that you will be able to follow from home. Stay tuned for more info to come in the next few days.
Have more time at home? Focus on continuing education: read, study and learn more. Our Alert Diver magazine is full of interesting articles on dive medicine, scientific research, dive destinations, and much more.
Dream about future adventures in beautiful dive spots around the world: check out our Why We Do It videos to be inspired! ☺
You can even improve your physical fitness from home, with this DAN-approved, full-body workout program designed for divers.

DAN is - and will always be - by your side.

Alessandro Marroni, President and Founder
Laura Marroni, Executive Vice President