Training programs

DAN Training courses teach the first aid steps to care for an injured person and interact with medical professionals.

EqualEasy - Equalisation Awareness

At present, this content is only available in Italian language. The DAN Equalisation Awareness course is the training course focusing on conscious compensation, designed by Andrea Zuccari for DAN Europe. Compensation concerns not only divers and freedivers, but also adults and children who, for example, are facing an aeroplane flight for the first time, and even hyperbaric operators who deal with this type of problem on a daily basis.

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Medical Oxygen Rebreather

The course DAN Medical Oxygen Rebreather (MO2R) is an advanced training module designed to educate DAN Oxygen Providers to identify and recognise divers' injuries for whom DAN Medical Oxygen Rebreather system is an effective method to provide emergency Oxygen.

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Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic Emergencies

The course DAN Oxygen First Aid for Acquatic Emergencies is studied to teach Emergency Oxygen First Aid in case of non diving related acquatic accident.

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Dive Medicine Divers
Dive Medicine for Divers

The course Dive Medicine for Divers is designed for all those who want to learn more about diving physiology and safety.

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Basic Life Support

The DAN Basic Life Support (BLS) course trains you to assist an adult victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest or life-threatening injuries by correctly applying Basic Life Support techniques.

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Paediatric Basic Life Support

The DAN Paediatric Basic Life Support (PBLS) course represents an integration of the DAN Basic Life Support (Adult) course. This programme is designed to teach you the skills necessary to manage Cardiac Arrest and Foreign Body Airway Obstruction of paediatric victims.

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Diving Emergency Specialist

How to apply Instructors and Trainers. DAN's recognition program for divers who are interested in dive safety.

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