Robert Van Den Berg

  Regional Training Coordinator
Highest Diving Credentials

3* Instructor / Instructor Trainer

Dive Instructor certifications from NOB/CMAS, PADI, DSAT
Diving since 1985
Prefered kind of dives From deep technical / mixed gas diving to fun dives in shallow water. Just love being in and underwater
Medical Credentials Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ASCM), Dive and SF Medic (Dutch Army)
Main Professional Activity Exercise & Environmental (diving) physiologist, Lecturer and Researcher
First Aid related activities DAN Instructor Trainer
Why DAN Training? State of the art and leading !!! DAN initiates dive medical research and integrates the results directly into training. This make DAN Training the world leader in first aid training for divers
Message for the DAN Instructors The best way to train people, who are able and willing to act in case of need, is by keeping your courses simple and by having lots of fun. Thanks for supporting DAN Training, thanks for making the difference.