Massimiliano Stirparo

Highest Diving Credentials Instructor Trainer / 3* Instructor
Dive Instructor certifications from SSI - SEI
Diving since 2004
Prefered kind of dives Wall dives
Medical Credentials Emergency Medical Technician (EMT); Diver Medical Technician (DMT)
Main Professional Activity (Acting) Training Manager, DAN Europe
First Aid related activities Driver helper and Volunteer Rescuer for the Italian Red Cross, DAN Instructor Trainer Certifier
Why DAN Training? DAN Training goal is to support safe practices. DAN courses are tremendous learning opportunities. Enrolling in a DAN first aid education course can really accelerate your safety knowledge.
Message for the DAN Instructors DAN's mission is to increase dive safety through a variety of means, including education. The more people we have teaching in the field, the more information is disseminated to those wanting to learn. Enthusiasm, love of teaching and experience are very welcome.