Michal Kosut

  Regional Training Coordinator
Highest Diving Credentials Platinum Course Director / Instructor Trainer
Dive Instructor certifications from PADI-DSAT
Diving since 1996
Prefered kind of dives Technical wreck dives - 60-80 meters with a long bottom time
Medical Credentials ITLS Basic Trauma Life Support Provider
Main Professional Activity Managing Instructor Development College & conducting Instructor courses for DAN, PADI, DSAT
First Aid related activities Teaching CPR & First Aid to lay rescuers, DAN Instructor Trainer certifier
Why DAN Training? DAN Training Programs are the most comprehensive medical courses specific for divers - both on the recreational and professional level. Most of the diving organisations are offering only the basic medical training. DAN is doing a step forward by providing advanced treatment procedures training in typical diving related problems. Courses like AED, (Advanced) Oxygen Provider, First Aid for Hazardous Marine Injuries or On-Site Neurological Assesment for Divers are filling the gap of the medical knowledge and skills that the active divers should have. 
Message for the DAN Instructors DAN Training programs are not only the way to expand your personal medical knowledge and skills. As a DAN Instructor you can also share those important skills with your divers and staff. This gives you a possibility to offer something unique on the changing market. And we are not talking here about earning money, but the most important thing in DAN Training which is increasing diver's safety and awareness.