Jacopo Guarino

European Training Coordinator
Highest Diving Credentials Instructor
Dive Instructor certifications from PADI - DDI - HSA
Diving since 2008
Prefered kind of dives Warm waters, wrecks
Medical Credentials DMT - Diver Medical Technician, TECC
Main Professional Activity Training programs developer for international law enforcement and military agencies, entrepreneur
First Aid related activities Mainly teaching
Why DAN Training? Because it’s not about diving, it’s about divers. It’s about teaching them how to preserve life, to protect it from further harm and to promote recovery for themselves and their buddies.
Message for the DAN Instructors Being a DAN Instructor may not be a full-time job, but it’s a profession for sure. This means that we expect professionalism, competence and high standards from the DAN Instructor individual.