DAN Europe Researchers Snag The 2013 Zetterström Award



Researchers of the DAN Europee Research Division have been honoured with the 2013 EUBS Zetterström Award for the best poster presentation.


The Award was announced at the Tricontinental Scientific Meeting on Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, held last September 23-28 in Réunion Island, and which reunited some of the world's top diving doctors and researchers.


The Award recognises the value of DAN Europe research on Flying after Diving. Title of the poster is: Flying after Diving: technical hurdles and procedures for in-flight echocardiographic monitoring of circulating gas emboli in divers.


The EUBS (European Underwater Baromedical Society) created the "The Zetterström Award" for the best poster presentation back in 1998, in order to promote posters as a great way to spread scientific information.


Our congratulations go to: Dr Danilo Cialoni, Massimo Pieri, Prof. Costantino Balestra and Dr Alessandro Marroni.




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