Medical Oxygen Rebreather

An additional training module for those individuals who have successfully completed the DAN Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course within the past 12 months. It trains DAN Oxygen Providers to recognise diving injuries where a MO2R System will be an effective method of providing emergency oxygen first aid and how to assemble and provide emergency oxygen first aid using a MO2R.

The MO2R System will benefit a responsive and breathing injured diver where there is substantial distance to the nearest medical facility or delay to the next level of emergency response. A MO2R is designed to provide high concentrations of emergency oxygen for up to eight hours.



Course Objective

The objective of the MO2R Training Module is to train and educate DAN Oxygen Providers in the techniques of using a MO2R System as first aid for a suspected dive injury. Certified MO2R Providers will be able to:

  • Determine when it is appropriate to deploy the MO2R unit
  • Set up the system
  • Use the system with a DAN Oxygen Unit to provide oxygen first aid to a conscious, breathing, injured diver.


Learning Objectives
Course participants must be familiar with the indications for use, the operation and the safety concerns of the MO2R.
Each course participant must demonstrate the skills necessary to assemble and use the MO2R to provide oxygen first aid to a simulated injured diver.
Each course participant must be able to follow and complete each step of the MO2R System Operational Checklist.

To successfully complete the MO2R Training Module of the Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course, participants must demonstrate skill and confidence to complete the following skills:

  • Scene assessment and oxygen provider safety
  • Deployment and operation of the DAN Oxygen Unit
  • Decision-making: When to use the MO2R
  • Identification of the main component parts of the MO2R
    • Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Canister
    • Breathing Circuit
    • Rebreathing Bag
    • Oronasal Mask + Mask Strap
    • Peep valve
  • Set-up of the MO2R System
  • Operation of the MO2R System