Legal Network

It consists of a worldwide network of lawyers who are both experienced and knowledgeable in both diving practice (being divers themselves) and diving law.

This Network results from the sharing of ideas between Prof. Marroni, DAN Europe President and Me. Jaeck, a French barrister and DAN Europe member, that DAN – already offering for a long time the highest level of medical assistance possible to its members - should be able to offer the highest level of legal assistance when it is needed. After one year of work, with the complete involvement of DAN Europe’s teams, and its Legal Office, this idea is now a reality.

How does it work?

DAN Europe has carefully selected lawyers throughout Europe who are experienced in international law and in disputes related to diving activities, in order to provide its members with a high level of legal (pre-trial) and trial assistance.

DAN Europe members in need of legal or trial assistance should immediately get in touch with DAN Europe. DAN will consider the request and, if if the opinion or the intervention of a lawyer is required, will advise the DAN Member to liaise directly with the lawyers of its network. These lawyers will decide on how to best protect and, if necessary, defend the interests of members in need of assistance, in respect to the services offered by DAN.
Legal assistance may include sending investigators on site to ensure that all evidence has been correctly preserved and collected. It may also include the defence of clients before a court of law, handled by lawyers who are experienced in international law and in disputes related to diving activities.

We are in the process of setting up a legal hotline, through which DAN Members will be able to access a lawyer and relay facts about an accident. A lawyer will evaluate the case, considering the urgency for immediate action, and advise the DAN Member on which necessary measures should be implemented.
In a diving accident, legal and trial support will normally be provided as part of the insurance coverage purchased by a DAN Member. If this is not the case, the member will be informed in advance. In the case that legal advice is excluded from the many services offered by DAN Membership, our legal experts are still available and assistance is provided at the member's expense.