Depth Limits

Compressed Air and Nitrox. 40 meter max (only for DAN Sport Bronze).

Recreational Diving
Recreational Diving means all snorkelling, and recreational Diving Activities carried out by the Insured as stated in the Schedule or Certificate attached to this Policy with or without breathing apparatus whether as a student or not including:

  • Compressed air diving in any form
  • Enriched air “nitrox” diving with fixed percentages with an open circuit or a “rebreather”
  • The use of oxygen enriched air or of oxygen to maximize decompression safety
  • The use of normoxic “Trimix” mixtures at depths less than 50m to minimize the narcotic effects of compressed air.

DAN Europe recommends gas partial pressures up to a maximum of 1,6ATA Oxygen and 5,6ATA Nitrogen in the breathing mixture.

Technical Diving
Technical Diving means dives conducted with the use of variable gas mixtures (Nitrogen-Helium-Oxygen otherwise called Trimix or Helium – Oxygen otherwise called Heliox) up to depths not exceeding 130 metres and/or gas partial pressures of 1,4 ATA Oxygen or up to a maximum of 1,6ATA Oxygen and 3,95ATA Nitrogen in the breathing mixture, and provided that any other relevant local laws and regulations are respected. On written submission of a full dive profile and proposed safety and support measures insurers may consider providing specific per dive insurance for any dive exceeding 130 metres.