Carlos Junquera

  Regional Training Coordinator
Highest Diving Credentials Commercial Diver, Master Instructor, Technical Wreck and Trimix Instructor, Public Safety Diver Instructor and Lifeguarding Instructor. CCR and full-cave diver.
Dive Instructor certifications from PADI, IANTD, IAHD
Diving since 1989
Preferred kind of dives Wreck and cave diving
Medical Credentials Civil Protection Training Team Leader with several first-responder and public-safety courses from the Spanish National School of Civil Protection; Instructor Trainer of Emergency First Response; Instructor Trainer of BLS, AED and First Aid of IANTD. Instructor of BLS and AED of SEMICYUC, SSI hyperbaric-chamber specialty. Training in Psychology. Instructor of the use of medical, drug-testing devices by law enforcement. Instructor Trainer of DAN Europe of the following courses: Adult and Paediatric BLS, AED, First Aid, Aquatic Oxygen, Oxygen First Aid, Advanced Oxygen First Aid, HMLI, and On-site Neurological Assessment for Divers.
Main Professional Activity Dive professional, dive-center director, safety diver and stunt diver at film industry, life-guarding instructor, first-responder, emergency instructor. Public Safety instructor.
First Aid related activities I teach first response and rescue courses to lay personnel (divers and non-divers), emergency professionals, and corporations.
Why DAN Training? DAN is the leading institution in dive safety and dive medicine research, which trans-lates into the best training programs for dive emergencies and non-diving emergencies alike. These perfectly combine theory with the practice of skills taught using an effec-tive method. DAN programs are the most renowned ones worldwide and accepted by a large number of international institutions, such as the prestigious Royal Yachting Association. Some dive organizations even partner with DAN to offer DAN´s emergency training to both their instructors and students.
Message for the DAN Instruc-tors There are many emergency training organizations, but very few do their own research and very few invest in dive-safety campaigns. DAN is one of them. It also offers a wide array of courses from the ones that can be taught to everyone (divers and non-divers) such as BLS, EAD and FA, to the dive-medicine specific courses that offer the highest standards in dive-medicine emergency training. DAN EUROPE is a non-for-profit founda-tion that offers advice and assistance in the most critical moments a diver might experience: in case of an accident. You can make a huge difference in divers´ lives by teaching DAN courses