Carlos Junquera

  Regional Training Coordinator
Highest Diving Credentials Course Director Trainer, Commercial Diver, Master Instructor, Technical Wreck and Trimix Instructor, Public Safety Diver Instructor and Lifeguarding Instructor. CCR and full-cave diver.
Dive Instructor certifications from NAUI, PADI, IANTD, IAHD
Diving since 1989
Preferred kind of dives Wreck and cave diving
Medical Credentials Civil Protection Training Team Leader with several first-responder and public-safety courses from the Spanish National School of Civil Protection; Instructor Trainer of Emergency First Response; Instructor Trainer of BLS, AED and First Aid of IANTD. Instructor of BLS and AED of SEMICYUC, SSI hyperbaric-chamber specialty. Training in Psychology. Instructor of the use of medical, drug-testing devices by law enforcement. Instructor Trainer of DAN Europe of the following courses: Adult and Paediatric BLS, AED, First Aid, Aquatic Oxygen, Oxygen First Aid, Advanced Oxygen First Aid, HMLI, and On-site Neurological Assessment for Divers.
Main Professional Activity NAUI Regional Manager for Spain and Andorra, dedicated dive professional, dive and first-aid trainer and examiner, dive-center director, safety diver and stunt diver in the film industry, lifeguarding instructor, first-response & emergency trainer. Technical and Public Safety Diver instructor.
First Aid related activities I teach first response and rescue courses to lay personnel (divers and non-divers), emergency professionals, and corporations.
Why DAN Training? DAN is the leading institution in dive safety and dive medicine research, which translates into the best training programs for dive emergencies and non-diving emergencies alike. These perfectly combine theory with the practice of skills taught using an effective method. DAN programs are the most renowned ones worldwide and accepted by a large number of international institutions, such as the prestigious Royal Yachting Association. Some dive organizations even partner with DAN to offer DAN´s emergency training to both their instructors and students.
Message for the DAN Instructors There are many emergency training organizations, but very few do their own research and very few invest in dive-safety campaigns. DAN is one of them. It also offers a wide array of courses from the ones that can be taught to everyone (divers and non-divers) such as BLS, EAD and FA, to the dive-medicine specific courses that offer the highest standards in dive-medicine emergency training. DAN EUROPE is a non-for-profit foundation that offers advice and assistance in the most critical moments a diver might experience: in case of an accident. You can make a huge difference in divers´ lives by teaching DAN courses.