I have a medical question regarding two medical conditions. One condition is psoriasis and the other is an intoxication caused by inhalation and contamination by skin with paint- solvents.
This year we trained a man -in his thirties- who claims to have suffered in intoxication with paint-solvents and psoriasis. His doctor announced him medically fit for diving. He is a bit worried about his condition.
He is afraid that -although he no longer suffers any symptoms caused by the intoxication- under pressure the problems recur. Do you have any data of this medical condition regarding diving? Is there any danger of recurrence of intoxication symptoms under pressure? Can we expect problems during diving with a psoriasis patient?

This problem is two-fold:
Psoriasis: unless there are open skin lesions which may be prone to infection and more sensible to mechanical trauma while underwater, a treated, uncomplicated and psoriasis - not in an acute phase - does not pose any significant contraindication to diving. Dry suit diving may be recommended.
Contact and inhalation intoxication by paint-solvents: in the absence of any subjective and functional residual affecting the pulmonary function and of any dermatological sequelae ( other than the known psoriasis), this past emergency should not now be considered as a possible contraindication to diving.
There may be, however, an emotional stress linked to the fear of possible effects and a related hyper-anxiety that could generate potential problems while underwater. Starting diving in strictly controlled conditions and even a pressure tolerance test in a hyperbaric environment could be useful to clear doubts and fears.