Omission of the safety stop

Last Sunday the following happened to me:
Was suppossed to do a dive to 18mts. VERY low visibility. Lost my buddy and ended up alone at 21,4 meters for about 1 minute. I became very anxious and went up in the time it took me to kick up (very wrong), and always breathing. The total bottom time was about 15 minutes.
I stayed out of the water for 45 minutes and did another dive to max. 12 meters (total bottom time about 20 minutes) with all proper stops and no problems.
I am concerned that I went straight up from 21 mts. to the surface (again, breathing and without inflating the BCD) faster than suppossed and skipping the safety stop. I don't feel any particular symptoms but I still feel worried.
What do you think about it?

Considering the short bottom time and the limited depth, given that you did not hold your breath during the ascent and that you did not develop any symptom, and considering that the bottom time of your dive did not allow the different compartments to achieve significant levels of supersaturation, not even in the faster "tissues", the omission of the safety stop is less significant, in terms of prevention of gas bubble formation and of the risk of decompression disorders, than if the dive reached No-Decompression limits.
Therefore, even if, as you say, that kind of crash ascent is a mistake and represents potential risks, in this specific situation, and since you were careful enough to breath normally during the ascent, it apparently did not cause any major problem and you should not worry any more about this past event. Very kind regards.