Multiple sclerosis

I hope that you can help me find out if it is still possible for me to dive.
I am 30 yrs old and got my advanced padi cert feb/march 97 I came back to UK soon after that and was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in may june 97. I have no real lasting damage. I occasionally am a little tired and am marginally bothered by a touch of optic neuritus from time to time. Also from time to time walking can bring on a tingling feeling at the front of my legs. I am quite active and exercise regularly. I would like to know if my learning to dive would have affected my condition and if it is going to be a problem if I wanted to dive in the future - as I do. I would appreciate any expert knowledge and opinion on the subject.

Although there are some similarities between the pathological aspect of neurological tissue damages caused by MS and DCI, Recreational diving has generally been considered not contraindicated in such circumstances, if the general fitness to dive evaluation is positive.
Indeed, both the in-water movement and the slightly increased inspired oxygen partial pressure involved in diving, may have beneficial effects for the treatment and the rehabilitation of this condition.