Meniere disease

Please could you give me some advice regarding a problem I have with my ears. I have had 3 episodes of dizziness and vertigo whilst working.
First Episode, Jan 2001- I was at a depth of about 3 metres for about 60 mins max, peforming skills when I became very dizzy, which then developed into vertigo. The symptoms continued after the dive. I drank alot of water and rehydration salts and ate well and slept. The symptoms were gone the next day.
Second Episode, March 2001 - Having dived during the day, profiles acceptable, no rapid ascents, diving on a Uwatec computer, I was reading at home in the evening when I became very dizzy again. I went to our physician who suggested again that I was dehydrated. He looked in my ear and suggested nothing was abnormal. I did not dive for one week following this incident
Third Episode, 30 March 2001, - Before the dive I was feeling dizzy, but dived, Max depth 28.3 metres, max dive time 45mins, multilevel, computer assisted, no rapid ascents. During the dive was very dizzy and after the dive started to suffer from vertigo. All vision was moving and I was very sick for about one hour. Each time I was given water I was sick again. I was given oxygen 100% for about 90 minutes as a precaution. I was then taken to Dr Adel Taher at the hyperbaric facility in Sharm. After telling him of the other episodes, he suggested that I have either an infection in the inner ear or that I had ruptured the round window. He prescribed Ciproflaxin, broad spectrum antibiotic, Primperan, an anti sickness tablet and Oxybral, which I dont know anything about. I was told to bed rest for 5 days and not to move my head. Each day I woke up with slight dizziness, similar to when you get up too quickly. I decided to come back to England to see a specialist. I went to my GP who referred me to a specialist. The GP prescribed Buccastem for the sickness
Fourth Episode, 10 April 2001 - Before seeing the specialist I suffered another episode. I woke up with a full feeling or pressure in my ear. Then dizziness developed and then severe vertigo. I was sick again and the GP was called and gave me an injection to stop the sickness. I had not dived for 10 days
Specialist Appointment 14 April 2001 - I had a hearing test and was examined by the specialist. He said my hearing was normal and that he suspected I have Menieres disease. He prescribed Betahistine Dihydrochloride for 1 month and told me to return in a month also.
Since then each day I feel dizzy, or my ears feel full, I was almost sick again following a vertigo attack. My questions are as follows:
What is Menieres disease?
Will the Betahistine cure the Menieres disease or just stop the symptoms?
Is there a cure?
Will surgery help?
Can I dive again?
What has brought this condition on?

Meniere's disease is a disorder of inner ear characterised by recurrent vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus. it is associated with a generalised dilation of the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear.
This disease is not well understood, treatment is aimed mainly at symptomatic relief and surgery is indicated if the frequency and type of attacks affect seriously the individual's way of life.
I am afraid that this illness is definitely a contraindication to diving, if this diagnosis is confirmed, you should not dive again even in 'attack free periods"
The etiology is, as far as I know, not known.