Mask squeeze

I had a boat dive yesterday at about 10:35, max depth 19.7m dive time 32mins and water temp 12-15 centigrade.
I had a lot of problems on the dive and was very stressed. The water was very cold to me and also I panicked because I could see my buddy first of all. I was having a lot of problem with my mask, it kept flooding, then when it cleared it was pinching badly on my face.
In the end I was having so much trouble with my mask and getting stressed that we aborted the dive. My assent rate was not bad but was not good either as I had one alarm register on my computer, we completed a safety stop at 5-6m for 3 minutes.
When we got back on the boat I was very upset but embarrest as well. My ear right ear hurt and my eyes were hurting aswell. When I blew my nose it bled a small amount and I felt light headed but stable, I felt sick but I get sea sick anyway.
After about an hour my vision was swimming a bit but I put that down to being on the boat.
I had taken two sickness tablets in the morning at 9am and had also just started my period as well yesterday morning. When we got back to shore at about 15.30 I still felt sick but when I checked my eyes in a mirror I had blood covering the whites of both my eyes on the right hand side of each eye, and was hurting in different places on my arms, legs and back but I don`t think it that it was anything serious.
I went to bed when we got home because I was very tired and still stressed.
This morning my eyes are still very sore and feel brused with the whole right side (whites)of both eyes completely blood red. I have a headache and ache in different places around my shoulders and neck also my right elbow.
Please could you advise me on my eyes because it is worring me a lot, I don`t think I have DCS but this has crossed my mind as well.

The problem that you are describing is, very likely, a case of mask squeeze and sinus barotrauma.
This probably followed your problems with your mask.
The various mild aches and pains in the shoulders neck and upper arms are more likely to be due to musculoskeletal problems (muscle strain etc) than decompression sickness especially when associated with a 'hard' dive. If they respond to mild analgesics it is very unlikely to be a decompression induced problem.
The mask squeeze and sinus barotrauma should clear up without the need of active treatment other than that recommended by your GP but before you dive again ensure that you have no problem involving your sinuses such as a cold or hay fever.