Long term effects of DCI

I wonder if you can help me, I am a full time working padi instructor, and I’m seeking some info.
Essentially, I have worked a 6 day diving week for the last 2 years, 2 dives a day with a few pretty bad profiles thrown in [typically while looking after divers] and I think I may well have had a couple of minor bends[ive never had treatment yet though ] can/does this kind of lifestyle lead to physiological damage temporary or permanent that I may not be aware of but could come to light later ie nerve damage etc ?

In a nutshell, yes it can.
Medical research and long term follow-up has shown that diving with 'risky' profiles can result not only in short term decompression illness but also long term damage to bone (such as dysbaric Osteonecrosis) brain and to other organ systems.
You will find numerous articles in the DAN Europe magazine "Alert Diver" which is sent to all DAN members should you wish to expand your knowledge on this
My advice is to stay 'within the limits' !