Eyes and diving

I am asking for some help for a member of my staff.
She has been working as a divemaster with us and other dive centers for a period of about 1 year. During this time she has developed 3 "spots" in her vision in her right eye which blur her vision in these areas. The condition is exagerated while diving to the point of disorientation and dissiness.
She took the decision recently to stop diving untill she can find a reasonable explanation or diagnosis. The condition only gets exaggerated while diving. She has had no previous history of eye disorders.
She has approached the Hyperbaric services in Sharm El Sheik (DR Adel) who have come up a blank. Within the next few days she will be flying to England to seek more medical help.
My question was whether you have, in your experience, any previous cases of this sort of thing.

The reported symptoms may be related to a number of possible causes (retinal vascular disturbances, optic nerve disorders, glaucoma, to name only a few).
The fact that the problems are enhanced during diving may suggest that the problem may be related to some degree of vascular reaction due to (possibly) a potential vaso-dynamic effect in the eye (an effect of altered inspired gases partial pressures?).
A control by a qualified specialist is mandatory and to be done as soon as possible.