Dry suit squeeze

Sunday the 15th of April (Last Sunday) I was testing a new dry suit in out lake here in Luxembourg. Since it was the first time for me in a dry suit I was using my BCD as usual for buoyancy and not the suit. I did put some air in but not enough because I was squeezed on both my wrists resulting in 2 big black marks. The dive started by going down to 10m for training a little bit with the suit. The we descended to 28m to show how warm it is. Unfortunately I managed to loose my weight belt on after about 5 min. on the bottom and I had an uncontrolled ascend to the surface. I was exhaling all the way up so no problem there I guess. The total dive was 15 min with most time on 10m.
I do have a black mark on my shoulder and I don't know if it is a squeeze from the suit or worse.... Today I feel a little strange, tired and sore legs, neck and arms. Can you advise?

From what you describe, and considering the interval now elapsed, the most likely possibility is that you suffered from a dry suit squeeze and the black marks you have on your shoulder is only the sequela of this squeeze.
Since you feel "strange" only today, after more than 48 hours after the last dive, the possibility that your case is related to a decompression related condition is very unlikely.
However I would suggest that you see a doctor and have him examine you and perform a full physical, including a neurological exam.