Diving after heart attack

My age is 66 and I have recently suffered a slight heart attack and have just learned that I will have to have a triple by-pass.
I was a holiday warm-water diver and I wonder whether there is the SLIGHTEST hope that I will ever dive again. If there is no hope, knowing this will enable me to donate by diving gear to a good cause.
If there is, would it be possible to send me any medical information so that I can pass it on to my heart specialist who, as a non-diver would need all the information available before he allows me to dive.

The current diving medical opinion about this matter is the following:
An experienced, or very highly motivated new diver who wants to continue diving after a heart attack, and/or after coronary artery bypas surgery and coronary angioplasty must:
1 - have no complications
2 - be asymptomatic
3 - have a normal stress ECG or preferably a normal coronary artery
angiogram a delay of at least a year post infarct
4 - have completed a supervised exercise program for several weeks prior to resuming diving adhere to a program of risk facto control ( abstain from smoking, control weight, lipids and blood pressure )
5 - dive only with other experienced and informed divers
6 - have annual dive medical, but should symptoms recur between medical, the diver must cease diving until reviewed.
7 - the diving should not be too strenuous and in sheltered waters (preferably warm).