Dettol for equipment disinfection

I read your article on cleaning and sanitizing diving equipment in the No. 2-2001 issue of Dan Europe News. At our dive centers we use Dettol to clean the regulators and wet suits. Our rinse tanks are basically garbage bins which we fill halfway with water before adding 2-3 caps of the dettol solution. The equipment is first rinsed in fresh water and then sinsed briefly in the Dettol solution. Is this effective?
Dettol "contains" Isopropyl alcohol BPC 12% v/v. The "active ingredients" are Chloroxylenol 4.8% and Terpineol 9%. We use 2-3 caps in about 10-15 liters of fresh water.

I am disturbed about the aromatic components (Terpineol) and by the alcoholic part.
The aromatics may generate some disturbance in some individuals, and allergic reactions cannot be excluded. Alcohol can dehydrate and ruin the rubber and plastic components of certain equipment. However if your rinse the equipment with clean fresh water thoroughly after disinfection and let it air-dry, the problem should be minimized.
Remember that when there are little alternatives, sodium hypochlorite (the normal bleaching solution used for laundry) 5% to 10% in water (at least 10 minutes followed by rinsing) is always very efficient.