Deep vein thrombosis

I'm a scuba diver for since 1997. My degree is 2 star, working on the 3rd.
Total scuba dives 127.
Since a month I had problems with my health. I have a bloodclont in my rightleg. I had to take 2 shots a day (Fraxiparaine 0.7ml). And some medicine SINTROM between 1.5 and 2 a day. Now I'm just taking medicine no more shots. My question to you is this illness relevant for scuba divers.
Is it safe to dive now? While I m taking medicine.

DVT (or deep vein thrombosis) seems to be the problem you suffered, from you description.
If this condition has been caused by an acute illness or a trauma and the situation is resolving without sequelae or clinically relevant complications, there should be no contraindication to returning to diving after complete resolution and healing, as indicated by your family doctor or specialist.
On the contrary, if this condition depends on other causes, these should be known before offering any opinion with regard to fitness to diving.
Sintrom has no specific contraindication to diving, even if it has specific effect on blood and coagulation. However these effects are not negatively synergistic with diving as they, theoretically, act in contrast to the known platelets and other blood cells aggregation effects facilitated by scubadiving related gas bubble production.
Anyway, it is the clinical condition itself that demands caution while diving and I would suggest to resume diving activity only when your doctor or specialist has agreed that the condition has satisfactorily resolved without any clinically relevant residual.