A Seahorse for the Children of Tanzania
What does a seahorse have in common with Africa's arid landscape? Much more than you'd think!

DAN Europe is counting on the generosity of the dive community to promote an initiative of great social and symbolic importance: "Ossidabile for Africa 2013"

A unique project, that unites a love for beautiful things with the desire to support a cause through fundraising. By purchasing this pretty seahorse pendant from the "Ossidabile" collection, you are making a contribution toward the funds necessary to purchase of a tractor for the Morogoro mission (Tanzania).

Run by the Collegine Sisters Holy Family, the center houses over 500 school-age children and orphans, and is maintained solely thanks to the contribution of benefactors and by cultivation of the land. To insure that agricultural activity persists and expands, a new tractor is needed to replace the old, broken-down one. When informed of the massive promotion of the initiative at the 2013 DAN Eudi show, Sister Emilia wrote to thank us, and tell us, in her shaky yet heartfelt Italian, of their dreams of a better tomorrow.

Dear friends,

This time it is Sister Emilia who is writing in the name of all the Sisters and children. Thank you for your kind letter, full of hope, that lets us always have faith that God can perform miracles in the daily life of every creature.

It is really nice knowing that even today, in a world where one hears about so many evil things, there are people who continue to do good and to believe in what is possible. Thank you to all of you who do good things to help the poor: those that are lost and cannot even ask for their basic needs because they don't know what those needs are.

We are all well here, even if we are a bit worried for the problems that are arising in Zanzibar, and in actuality, also here where we are. But we always have faith that God will continue to help us and maintain the peace as it has been until now.

As for the tractor, it is a really necessary thing for the mission, and we have many dreams to realise. In our mission we have land that we use to cultivate corn, sunflowers, and many other things that help the mission. The past few years we've had a hard time doing this work, given that our old tractor stopped working well, and would constantly lose pieces; for this reason we desperately need a new one. We can just imagine how many things we could do with it! We will cultivate the fields and then the fields of our neighbors, who until now have done everything by hand, and then we will wait for a blessing of rain from God. If these dreams really can come true, we will have at least enough corn for us and the children of the orphanage and those of the school, all for whom we currently make lunch. Our work will then be to only think of what else is necessary, instead of buying cornflour for the polenta. How nice it will be! God help us.

In regards to the price, at the moment we cannot know precisely because it changes constantly, but let's stick with what we said last year, which was 30 thousand Tsh. We'll try to be flexible because there are small and large sizes, and different brands. We only have the photo, not the price, of the best one because we still need to look at the internet, and we haven't been able to open it until now. Anyway, on the site you will see the photo of that tractor; it's the same as the one I'm sending you in attachment.

I'm tiring you too much [with this long letter]. I'll let you go here, and we will get prepare to go on a ride with the new tractor.

Much love from Sister Emilia, Sr. Caterina, Sr. Natalia, and all the Sisters and the children.

Collegine Sisters Holy Family
Email: collemoro@hotmail.com

Help us to reach a small, yet important goal: Just one seahorse to show your support!
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: All sales will be directly donated to this mission by DAN.

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