Diving after abortion

Could you please give me advice about waiting time after a termination?

Indeed an interesting question and an uncommon one too! The problems related to a surgically operated termination are the usual ones conected with any surgery: i.e. the possibility of hemorrhagic or septic complications, etc. Furthermore, it is normally advised to refrain from sexual activities involving vaginal penetration for a period ranging from 30 to 40 days, depending on the kind of surgery performed. This period may be significantly less in the case of a termination performed by suction. This recommendation is due to the increased risk of infection of the uterus, during the recovery and healing period after the termination. Theoretically an unprotected dive in possibly polluted or contaminated waters could also lead to a similar increased risk. Practically speaking, the protection assured by a diving suit, especially if it is a dry suit, should eliminate this possibility. For extra precaution, in case of a wet suit is used - especially if it is a light wet suit used in tropical waters - an extra external protection, such as a tight fitting swimming suit holding a layer made of sanitary pads, or even a uterine diafragm, may be considered.
If the precautions against the risk of infection are duly taken, the non diving interval may be minimal and related to the time necessary to resume a normal life and to assure that there are no post termination acute complications (a few days).