Malta gets its first International Institute of Diving Medicine and Safety

Gozo, Malta, Friday 27th May - Malta will soon become a global destination for scuba-diving excellence, thanks to the set up of its first International Institute of Diving Medicine and Safety.

The academic programme is a joint venture between locally based diver safety and research foundation DAN Europe, and the Institute for Tourism Studies (ITS), with the support of the Maltese Ministry for Tourism and Ministry for Education.

A memorandum of understanding between DAN Europe Foundation and the Institute for Tourism Studies, presenting the intent of parties and scope of the project, was signed on Friday 27th May at an event held at the ITS branch in Gozo and addressed by ITS Executive Director Pierre Fenech, Tourism Minister Dr Edward Zammit Lewis, Gozo Minister Dr Anton Refalo, ITS Chairman Paolino Schembri and DAN Europe CEO Alessandro Marroni.

"Our aim is to make Malta the elite dive capital of the world. It is not enough to have pristine waters and ideal temperatures all year round — we are investing in the development of our divers by offering the best training and research programmes. This Institute will create a lot of opportunities for local dive enthusiasts while attracting plenty of international students to our shores," said Pierre Fenech of ITS during the press conference in Gozo.

"This is an excellent opportunity for Malta to further improve its top-level image as one of the greatest diving destinations worldwide. Our courses focus on the safety of diving from various perspectives, including medical, operational and preventive. All curricula will be designed according to already existing courses and partnering with Faculties abroad," added Prof. Alessandro Marroni of DAN.

Courses will cater for basic to advanced levels of competence, including post-graduate courses and Master programmes in diving and hyperbaric medicine.

Lectures will be held at the ITS branch in Gozo.


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