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Become a contributor of Alert Diver magazine

The new Alert Diver website has been launched succesfully and therefore we would like to draw your attention to a section that is completely dedicated to what you have to say. I am talking about your IDEAS !

We believe that anyone should feel free to dive in and share some knowledge on AlertDiver.eu. So on the new website, this special column, called IDEAS, hosts new contributions on a wide range of topics: stories, experiences, articles long and short, projects, or any other original text that has not been published before, and that you find interesting. IDEAS will be a figurative forum to share propositions and information relating to diving.

Are you organising a project that might be of interest to the entire diving community? Have you ever had a diving experience that was so exciting or spectacular that you felt like you had to tell it to everyone? Maybe you have a gift of describing the underwater beauties in such a way that it deserves to be shared on Alert Diver. Or even more importantly, you experienced a situation concerning diving safety that could be helpful for all divers. Please feel free to share your IDEAS with all of us.

IDEAS lists all contents submitted by new contributors and Alert Diver readers, that have been checked and approved by Alert Diver Web editors. You can submit your articles by sending them to ideas@alertdiver.eu,  in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Finnish and Portoguese. Additional contributions such as photos, graphics and other images are greatly appreciated. Have a look at the guidelines and start writing!

Just feel free to submit your own IDEAS to our editorial board... You might become our next contributor !