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Alert Diver and DAN Europe website now available in Czech language

We are happy to announce that the DAN Europe website and the Alert Diver online magazine have been translated in yet another language and are now available in Czech!


All Czech divers can now access the DAN Europe website in their own language. It will be easier for them to join DAN as members or renew their membership, and get more information about DAN's mission and various activities & events. Also the Alert Diver online Magazine has been translated, with dozens of interesting articles on diving safety practices, diving medicine and more.


As a leading provider of quality services and information focusing on diving safety, serving the international diving community, DAN Europe works on a global level, but with a very local, on-the-ground presence. In fact, there exist 20 Regional Directorates in Europe, one of which is DAN Česko.


Both the DAN Europe website and the Alert Diver online Magazine are now available in seven different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Czech). Active DAN Members get unrestricted access to online resources, seminars and other useful contents.



We wish to thank Dr. Pavel Macura and Dr. Jiri Reitinger for their precious help in making the DAN website finally available in Czech!



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Contact DAN Česko:

National Director Dr. Pavel Macura M.D.
K brizkam 4, Hradec Kralove, PSC 500 09, Czech Republic
Info Line: + 420 495 516 147
Fax: + 420 495 264 641
Email: cekia@daneurope.org


Contact the DAN Europe Continental office:

P.O. Box DAN, 64026 Roseto, Italy
Phone: +39 085 893 0333
Fax: + 39 085 893 0050
Email: mail@daneurope.org
Website: www.daneurope.org