Emergency procedures

DAN operates through an international network of alarm centers, active 24 hours a day, that guarantees specialized assistance at every call through a group of experts in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Flow chart

DAN doctors

  • will give you instructions on what to do immediately, while waiting for aid to arrive
  • will alert emergency services or most appropriate and nearest hyperbaric center and organize the transportation
  • will coordinate medically assisted repatriation, if necessary
  • will coordinate the best medical treatment with the local doctors


DAN Claims Office operators

Will confirm to emergency services / hyperbaric center that the patient is a DAN member and that the expenses are covered with an insurance policy; moreover, they will send the necessary forms to activate the payment of treatment costs.

To continually ensure an adequate assistance, especially in isolated and remote parts of the world, DAN teams up with various international emergency medical services and rescue groups in order to guarantee its members an adequate rescue in any situation, the necessary Medical-Hyperbaric treatment and eventual repatriation for medical emergencies.


Emergency procedures followed by the Alarm centers

  • The National Alarm Center is called, when in one's home-country; the case is managed locally from the National Center, according to Standard DAN Europe protocol
  • The central European Center is called when one is abroad
  • A diver that calls from abroad, is normally put into contact via a conference call, whenever possible, with a DAN specialist of the same nation/language as the victim, so that the case may be evaluated and interpreted without lingual difficulties, putting the victim at ease through talking to a Doctor of his own country/language
  • In these cases, if the accident occurred in an area where a National DAN Center exist, this will be given charge to manage the emergency in coordination with the Rome Center and the specialist of the National Center of the victim
  • In case of an accident occurring in an area without a National DAN Center, the intervention is organized directly by the Central DAN Europe Hotline