DAN Instructor Trainer info

DAN Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW)

DAN Instructor Trainers have achieved the highest level of training available in the DAN Instructional System. They are exceptionally experienced instructors who are dedicated to dive safety education. DAN Instructor Trainers are the only individuals certified to train DAN Instructors as part of the DAN Instructor Qualification Course (IQC).

After completing a 3 day DAN Instructor Trainer Workshop, DAN Instructor Trainers can present the knowledge and skills development sessions of the Core Module the various course modules of the IQC.

During the ITW, candidates will be trained and prepared to run an IQC by themselves and promote diving safety and the DAN courses. Additionally the candidates will learn how to evaluate first aid Instructors during skill practise and will be able to provide role model demonstrations on both Instructor and Instructor Trainer level.

During the ITW, the candidates will be evaluated as Provider, Instructor and Instructors Trainer, by teaching skills from the different DAN courses. Additional information about the courses and First Aid materials will prepare the candidates for their role as Instructor Trainer.

To become a DAN Instructor Trainer, the candidate must:

  1. Be an active scuba diving Instructor Trainer, Course Director or 3* Instructor or equivalent(*)
  2. Be an active DAN Diving Emergency Specialist (DES) Instructor
  3. Certified more than 20 Providers (**)
  4. Be an active DAN Member
  5. Have a current BLS Instructor license (or equivalent)
  6. Current First Aid License

(*) 2* Instructors, SSI DiveCon Instructor, IDC Staff Instructors or Master Instructors (or equivalents), with an experience in conducting Instructor – level course, can also become DAN Instructor Trainers.
(**) Active DAN Instructors for at least one of the DAN courses (i.e. Oxygen Instructor) and who meet prerequisites 3-6 can still participate in the Workshop and be certified as a DAN Instructor Trainer. However after completing the course their Instructor Trainer license will be in an on-hold status until they meet prerequisite number 2.

Course Materials

Every Instructor Trainer candidates receives a DAN ITW kit containing:

  • Student handbooks for each provider course
  • DAN Provider course slides for each provider course
  • DAN Instructor Manuals for each module of the IQC
  • DAN Instructor Qualification Course slides
  • DAN Instructor Trainer Manual
  • Non Rebreather mask
  • Oronasal Resuscitation Mask
  • Student First Aid Pack
  • Sponsor Kit
  • Promotional materials

DAN Europe ITW's are organised by DAN Europe Training.
Only Staff members and members of the DAN Europe Training committee can offer this Programme.

An Instructor Trainer Certifier will assess the skills and exam on the last day of the ITW to guarantee an impartial judgement and the best possible quality.