Diving Safety Officer (DSO)

DAN Diving Safety Officers are Diving Professionals who have gone through extensive training in the field of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. They can work for, or offer their services to dive centers, where they can develop Standard Operation Procedures and Emergency Action Plans. They are also able to help with the implementation of all that is required for the HIRA III level.

A selected group of Diving Safety Officers will also be trained as Diving Safety Advisors (DSA). They help DAN with the promotion and expansion of HIRA III and provide free advice and guidance to HIRA participants. They can be asked, against payment, to perform a Hazard Identification an Risk Assessment in a dive center and will release a detailed report to the dive center after such assessment has been completed.


DAN DSO Course

The DAN DSO course is a 6 day course, which consists of both theoretical and practical sessions. Due to the specificity of the course, this course is not open to everybody, but only to a selected group of experience dive professionals.
Course subjects include:

  • Risk assessment and Mitigation
  • Noise ergonomics
  • Lightning ergonomics
  • Fire Safety awareness
  • Compressed Air for Scuba Diving
  • Oxygen Cleaning
  • Lubricants and sealants
  • Gas Compressors
  • Regulators
  • Diving medicine lectures (4)
  • Ecological Aspects
  • Recompression Chambers
  • Sustainable Business Planning
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Safety Improvement Program
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • The Safety Manual
  • How to do a HIRA
  • Practical On-Site Assessments

The course is taught by experienced DAN Staff and the official language of the course is English. For more info or participation in the course, please email us and send your CV to hira@daneurope.org