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Keep up the great work in dive research and diving accidents so as to keep us all safe.

Concept Scuba Malta
Mellieha - Malta



Excellent support from DAN Europe

Dubai - United Arab Emirates



Strong support from DAN when divers need it most
Thank you and everybody at your team and DAN Europe for your strong support during these last hard days. Marta you gave me hope and released me from a lot of wories. I didnt expect that you and DAN would support us in such an easy and quick way. I really wish you all the best and hope you never will come into such an Situation - but if - you can be lucky to count on DAN.I will ever strongly recommend DAN to whomever i meet and hope that we will never need you in the Future.
Thank you from my deepest heart!

Holger W. 
Hakuraa Island - Maldives


For ever…
Dan for ever and as ever !

Paul V.D.E. - MD ENT and Diving Medicine
Zwijnaarde Gent - Belgium

….Can't do without


Desio, Italy

Thank you for all your help

Thank you for all your help in the past for my wife and myself. Keep up the good work.

Paul A.

Malaga - Spain

Safe underwater

Keep up the great work in scuba diving related risks and illnesses. Thanks to DAN we are safe underwater :)

Ray M.

Mellieha - Malta

When you are in need….

DAN, always there when you need them!

Marcus C.

Manchester - UK

Hospitalized in Miami

I would like to thank DAN for all the support I received when in hospital in Miami this March. I am now fully recovered and am looking forward to diving again. Thank you very much again.

Carolyn A.

Malaga - Spain

Amazing stuff

I'd just like to thank you guys once again for all your support and understanding with my medical crisis. I hope I never have to use you guys ever again but if I do I will feel very secure that there is a professional, empathetic and sympathetic team at the other end of the line. Amazing stuff.

Kind regards,

Richard McL.


Feel safe…

Feel safe having DAN!

Ronald M.


I could never dream of better service

I want to give you my best thanks for everything you help me with due to the complications and inconvenience. I could never dream of better service.

So keep up the amazing job you are doing and once again, thank you so much for absolutely everything!

Have a beautiful day


My very best regards,




DAN really does what it always promises

Dear DAN,

Thank you for your help and telephone calls to Linda to ask how she is doing.

DAN really does what it always promises, we have been DAN members for several years.

This was the first time we had to use your assistance and yes, it really is as it says on the website, it works great!

When Linda is back, I will definitely be giving positive feedback on the website in order to convince more people to take out DAN’s insurance.

Many greetings, Linda’s husband.

Eric D’H.



Prompt and timely help
Thank you for all your prompt and timely help.
I cannot emphasize enough the excellent treatment I received from all concerned in Mexico.


Peter McC.



Amazing services
I have canceled my appointment with the doctor today because I feel much better and I don't think is necesary use my DAN insurance.
Thank you for your amazing services!





Best in the world

I always say that DAN insurance is the Best in the World - efficient and always at your side!





DAN is the best

I hear DAN is the best you can get for diving instructors!


Richard C.



I can now confirm what others are talking about …..
Thanks again! I've always heard about DAN's great service and assistance in case of an emergency - luckily never had to experience it myself.
I can now understand and confirm what others are talking about, you guys are doing a great job and it's good to know that there is help far away from home in case we would need it!

Many thanks and regards,
Sonja G.

DAN, you have a member for life!!

Have to say its DAN every time for me. Recognised throughout the diving world…….. all very simple. No further questions and good to go. The one time I did have to contact DAN, their customer care was fantastic.

Thanks DAN, you have a member for life!!

“……He probably had to get out of bed to help me”

Hello everyone at Dan,
I would like to thank you all for your help during my vacation far from home in June this year, where I had a (fortunately small, but still scary) decompression accident.
I would like to thank especially Dr. Germonpré who was so kind as to answer all my questions, allthough it was already 11:30pm for him, so he probably had to get out of bed to help me....
Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to him?
Also all the people who did the follow up afterwards and called me everyday until I returned home, thank you everyone!!!!
Being a member of Dan is one of the best decision I ever made!!!!
Again you showed me how important your organisation is to everyone who loves
to dive!

You're the best!

Treatment after a diving related accident
Dear Sir or Madame,
I was recently assisted by DAN with my treatment after a diving related accident. I was really impressed with the level of the service provided by DAN and I am writing in order to inquire what is the best way of communicating my appreciation and extending my gratitude towards the people who were working on my case.
Unfortunately, I don't really know their names, except for Mauro, who was my first contact person when I called the emergency number and he was very efficient. I would love to be able to thank everybody involved in assisting with my treatment and will appreciate if you could advise me how to do it.

Thank you,
Natalia B.

Professional Assistance in Thailand  
I want to take this opportunity in thanking your organisation for the assistance given to me in Thailand over the weekend with medical costs  at the Phuket Bangkok Hospital.  
From my initial call to your emergency department, through the whole  process I can only thank you for your professionalism.  
As an Instructor who as a matter of course always recomends new divers to your services, it is rather gratifying to see first hand the HIGH SERVICE YOU PROVIDE that I always state is the case to new divers.
I am so pleased as my health is rather bemusing to me as I remained  well within the PADI RDP NDL and my own computer at all times. I  always make a safety stop on every dive and am always the slowest  diver to reach the surface from these stops. It now makes me realise there is still much to learn about DCS, but
once again many thanks.

Martin B. - United Kingdom


Thank-you DAN for the wonderful service.
Thank-you for all your help in this, i have been with DAN since the beginning of my diving career, about 9 years ago, and have never had a situation to use my DAN insurance, and would rather not be in a situation where i would have to! though i know other people who have been in a situation where they have used their DAN insurance. I support DAN thoroughly and think it is a great thing you offer and are doing for the diving community and I have always had fast responses to emails and found the staff i have had contact with very helpful and professional ! I was just beginning to be concerned i may be put in a position where i had to work and didn't have insurance as it is a very small shop i work for and at times it has to be all hands on deck regardless of anything but my colleague was a star and covered for me and i can get back to the water and my passion tomorrow with peace of mind.  Thank-you for all your help with this and thank-you DAN for the wonderful service and products you offer to divers. I feel more relaxed knowing i have DAN especially in this out of the way place i work. By the way if you are every in Panama i recommend diving Coiba National Park, very special place on this planet.

Thank you again for all your help
Claire O'B. – England

"Joining DAN Europe was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life!"

Dear Prof. Alessandro Marroni,
Let me express my sincere gratitude and complimets for your extraornidary organization!
I have received immediate and very well organized support from DAN after my accident on May 27. I can only underline the well deserved positive reputation of DAN and state that joining DAN Europe was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life!
After calling the Emergency hotline, I received hyperbaric treatment at Mercy Hospital in Miami Florida and received diagnosis of DCS-II.
Monica Van Every, MD and Ivan Montoya, MD have taken up my case and truly impressed me. I was saved by these fine Doctors from possible permanent neurological damages and who knows what else, since the bubbles got to my spinal cord. I am a professional diver and have invested many years in diving and have made it part of my life.......... Again THANK YOU for the attention to my letter and for supporting me during and after the therapy and for covering all the expences at Mercy Hospital!

Yours sincerely,
K. K.

Help provided in repatriation

Dear DAN,
I would like to say thank you for the loads of help, you have provided in the repatriation of M. S.  I do not know, what i would do without your help. It was a very professional and perfect organisation i have experienced, I do not find worths to say THANK YOU! Special thanks to Claudio, his phone calls to me, to M. family and to the german embassy made our sad time easier.
Danke Claudio, Du hast ein sehr gute Arbeit geleistet. Ich hoffe, dass ich einmal in diesem Leben alles dir zurückgeben kann, in irgendwelche Art.
I will recommend DAN to all of my students, guest and friends in the future!!!

Thank you very much,
A. B. DAN Instructor Trainer
Operations Manager Diving Centers W. L. Red Sea
SSI Instructor Trainer

Bike accident on Koh Phangan Island

Having returned to the UK, I now find the time to sit down and send my thanks for the recent service I received from DAN Europe. My primary points of contact throughout were Irene and Lydia and they were both excellent throughout.
My son Richard was injured quite badly in a bike accident on Koh Phangan, Thailand on the 1st/2nd May. He was taken to a local government hospital after the accident and his badly damaged left leg received treatment with 21 large stitches. He received the most basic of care for around two days and when I arrived on the island on the 4th May, he was in quite a bad way and the hospital was very basic, lacking the kind of facilities we would expect in Europe.
I contacted DAN immediately and within a few hours, a local Doctor (DAN representative) located us and arranged for Richard to be taken by speedboat to the Bangkok Samui hospital on Koh Samui. He was immediately re-examined and the following injuries were found after various scans:

  • Broken lower jaw
  • Lacerated left leg (stitched but not very clean)
  • Missing tooth, nerve showing
  • Split lip

Under DAN control, the hospital arranged for a plastic surgeon to fly in from Bangkok and Richard was operated on during the evening of 5th May. His jaw was plated and screwed and his lip was stitched up (11 stitches). The operation was a complete success and we spent another week in the hospital until we were both repatriated to the UK on the 13th/14th May. Richard is now receiving post operative care from the British NHS system and will require further dental work over the next few weeks.
I cannot praise enough the work of Irene and Lydia who controlled the whole process from start to finish. They coordinated everything in an extremely professional manner and tried their very best to ease our problems through what was a very difficult time emotionally for all and especially considering the time differences between Thailand, UK and Italy. I am convinced that my son would have lost a leg had he remained in the first hospital on Koh Phangan and his jaw fracture would not have been diagnosed at all.
I will forever recommend DAN insurance to everyone I know in the diving community and especially the Travel Assist that came to our rescue. One hopes that we will never need to use it again but if it does happen, at least I know that I will be in the most professional of hands. Finally, a heartfelt thank you from Richard and the whole M.K. family - Irene and Lydia, keep up the good work and who knows, if I am ever in Rome, maybe I can buy you both a coffee.

Kind regards
Andy M.K.

"Everything you have done in my case was perfectly coordinated"
This email is to thank DAN Europe, especially Elena and Lydia for their perfect work.
Everything you have done in my case was perfectly coordinated - thank you very much for your work, which made life easier to me and my girlfriend Barbara.
I am okay and back to life - fortunately I am completely okay, no damages and life goes on as usual. I wanted to see the people what you have done and how you work, that´s why I send you the link from the biggest German Internet site for divers. Taucher.net, in which you can find some words about you.

Many, many thanks

Impressed by the care provided by DAN
Thank you for your prompt response. I am impressed by the care of DAN, as I also got a call (from Italy I think). Very reassuring! And of course I am happy to hear it cannot be DCS!
Thank you for the suggestions.

Ingrid Johanna Maria van B. - Madagascar

"The best and number one service"
We got telephone consultance from a doctor via DAN and do not have had any symptoms nor costs from the accident. The service and the support we have received from DAN is superb, and I really want to thank you guys for that!
We all are ok here and appreciate the care that you have shown towards our case. And again, thank you for the important support you have offered us in a case where special, professional consultant and care/ support was needed. I will continue on to recommend and promote DAN as the best and number one service.

Thank you for being there with us.
Best regards,
Nina P.

"Dan member for life after this! "
Thanks to all the people that helped me during that time. Honesty was amazing service getting everything arranged for me and the follow up calls making sure I was ok. Was really impressed. Dan member for life after this!
Was just great having someone looking after me and helping out with where to go and what to do.
You can close the file.

Thanks again
Sunny regards
James W. - Indonesia

Dear Mauro,
Waouw … what a service !
Thanks a lot for the tip. Congratulations also for the way your website is set up … easy and cleae … the way, I like it … KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid).
I would also like to thank you for the (no-discussion) refund of the deadly diving accident on July 8th  of my friend Thierri W.

Paul, MD Diving Medicine

Prompt payment
Thank you for your advice of payment. It is the first time that we have dealt with your company & it is always a worry that the company may not pay or pay very slowly. Your company however, has proved to be efficient not only in the administration of the case, but also by your prompt payment & the easy & full explicit way that you have notified us.

Thank you so much.
Very best wishes,

Good insurance services
Thanks for all, really. Good to know that DAN really works how a good insurance company should, I think I will stick to it all the time while working with diving.

Barna T.

“Ur a little diamond”
Thanks for everything, that uv done for me in this case. Ur a little diamond. Once again i will thank you anyway for everything uv done,to make my life less stressful.
DAN are a fantastic company, your advice and help is always perfect.

Phil P.

I'm really satisfied with your service
I wanted to sincerely thank you for your help and assistance troughout the process, i'm really satisfied with your service provided and the way my file/case was treated.

All the best to you, and my kind regards,
Alexandre Thomas B.

DAN member for life after this!
Thanks to all the people that helped me during that time. Honesty was amazing service getting everything arranged for me and the follow up calls making sure I was ok. Was really impressed. Dan member for life after this! As for the bills they were not worth claiming from amex so didn't bother. Was just great having someone looking after me and helping out with where to go and what to do.

Thanks again
Sunny regards
James W.

Peace of mind
Such peace of mind being a DAN member!
Bob H.

I was very impressed by your efficiency
I had needed your assistance and I was very impressed by your efficiency and professionalism. It is so nice to get phone calls from Europe when you are in pain in a very distant hospital and no it is not your family or a close friend.... it's DAN !! You guys are amasing and I have, will and do recommend anybody (diver or not) to become a DAN member!

Wolfgang van L.

Great experience with DAN
I plan to go working for a year to Thailand/ Indonesia and after my great experience with DAN insurance I want no other company to look after me over there should I need it.


Very professional
Very professional outfit you run mate.
Ameer A. - EGYPT

Fast reply
Thank you very much for your fast replay, which made it possible for me to sign up today.
Great service, hope I will be just as happy with my new insurance.

Trine Marie H.

Very happy Dear Dan Europe!
I am very happy with the insurance and your service.

Kind regards
Martin S.- AUSTRIA

I can now go diving happily
Thank you very much for your help. I can now go diving happily as I always feel safe with my DAN insurance with me. I hope your weather is not bad as we had 20cm of snow today!

Best regards

Quick response
I am very impressed with the speed DAN has responded to my enquiry. It gives me great confidence that if I ever needed to call on your services in an emergency it would be handled very efficiently.
Excellent customer service.


Prompt and efficient
Thank you so much. You are so efficient. I wish half of the people I deal with every day were as prompt and efficient as you,it woul make my life a whole easier.

Margaret P. - IRELAND

Quick and good support
Nice to have so quick and good support, I all ready feel pleased with your service! I understood that I wil have the membership card within a week or so...this is good enough for me.

Thanks for your help and great support.
Matti S. - FINLAND

"I would like to kiss you"
If  you were near me I would like to kiss you  for being so good, so polite  and so quick  ! In order to thank you, I would like to send a small useful present to you. Please give me the Post address where I can send it.

Best regards
Evangelos  - GREECE

Congratulations for the great work on Alert Diver magazine
First I like to give you my congratulations with the execelent job done in your creation of the Alert Diver magazine online. Alert diver was always very good but with this you have made it excelent. Also the refereshing image of logo and apperance is great. 

Congratulations & Keep up the good work.
Life´s discovery international, TENERIFE-SPAIN

Ciao friends!
With GREATEST PLEASURE for such an outstanding organization, with generally exceptionally prompt professionals!  very happy i never needed your service to date - although i've met quite a few who did require DAN assistance.

Ciao cari

Nice people
We thank you so much for the quality of your service and wish you a very good day, It is so cheerful to deal with professional and nice people like you and your collegues at DAN Europe are,

André D. - Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, BELGIUM

Absolutely brilliant
Thank you so much for such a prompt & efficient reply.   
I’ve just had to deal with another organisation that took seven different phonecalls & over half an hour to resolve a problem!  So dealing with you with absolutely brilliant!
Thanks again.

Kind regards
Dawn B. - UK

I have always found that DAN are supportive, have information at your finger tips. Send reminders about events, insurance cover, and to be honest are JUST THERE when we need information

Susie B.

An efficiency that's hard to find these days
We're very impressed with how quickly you always react and communicate! (not a commodity these days!)
Keep up the good work!!!!

Maria E.

Grateful for the peace of mind
Dear DAN,
As always I am honoured and privileged to be recognised as one of your members. I am also truly grateful for the peace of mind and excellent cover you provide to those who have taken scuba diving as their chosen sport.

Thank you very much!
Daniel F.

Great help
Dear Dr. Cali-Corleo and Mr. Poli,
Thank you so much for the great help and detailed advice that you have given me. I really appreciate it. I wish you both Happy Holidays,

Kind regards,

Talking to a doctor who is also a diver
Dear Dr Cali-Corleo, Thank you for your quick and considered response, it has given me the lift I needed to get over this. I will continue with the planned trip but may safari for the first week if I need too.
Thank you again, it is reassuring to be able to talk to a doctor who is also a diver, there are not many of these in the North of England.

Regards David J

Help in the case of a loss
Dear friends from DAN, On March 5, I lost my partner A. after completing what seemed to be a wonderful dive at Panorama Reef, Safaga Egypt. By the time she reached land it was too late, she had died already. DAN’s assistance to bring her back home was extremely helpful and I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support and making the necessary arrangements. This support took a big weight off my shoulders. I want to mention especially your good communication, even if there was non news in the first 2 days. But it was good to know, that somebody competed and motivated is working on the case. There are 2 individuals I spoke to several times I want to address personally, that is Eleanor from Italy and Mr. F. from your German agent. Thank you both for your sympathy and the great job you have done to bring her home. Thank you also, to all the other helping hands, wherever they are located.
Mille grazie, vielen Dank.

Great assistance
Dear Lydia, dear Eleonora, dear members of the emergency DAN team,the journey from Egypt back to Germany went well. I am much better now. Hereby I would like to thank you for great assistance and organization of the medical care and the flight.

Best regards,

Impressed by the help provided to a friend
I want also say thanks for your help. A friend of mine had needed your assistance and I was very impressed by your efficiency.
Best regards and safe dives.
Claudio P.

Getting back home was not just a physical necessity, but an emotional one too... Thanks to DAN!
Hello DAN Europe,
I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the assistance, help and support you gave me. My travel from Nha Trang went very well, Vietnam Airlines from Nha Trang to Saigon was fine, but there was no-one around to help with my bags, so a very nice Scottish couple took care of me, carrying my bags on and off the plane, putting my hold luggage on a trolley, taking me to check in etc. From there however, I could not have asked for anything more! At Bangkok there was someone waiting to take me to the lounge, who then came back to take me to the departure gate, same again at Heathrow, and on arrival at Newcastle, I was delivered to a waiting friend. I went straight to the hospital from there. Perhaps on my DAN records, it shows that I was taken ill in Egypt last year, the resulting disaster that happened there involving emergency surgery back in the UK, had meant that on arrival in a hospital in Nha Trang the emotional state I was in was not good either. So, to be brought back to Europe to be taken care of here was not only a physical necessity, but an emotional one too, thank you. Newcastle General Infirmary has a very busy accident and emergency department, where I was taken. After perhaps 20 x-rays, which they apologised for needing to do, but wanted to be sure, it has been decided that I have a chipped bone in the shoulder, torn muscles and tendons all around it, two cracked ribs, some damage to one of the vertabrae in my neck and that I had suffered concussion. I will be honest and tell you, that just getting back to Europe was enough to make me start to feel better. Each hour that passes, I now seem to improve.

DAN Europe, you have my most heartfelt thanks.
J. C. S.

Big thanks to dive chamber in Thaland for all their help and concern
I do really appreciate your concern and all your help.
But I like to let you know that down here DR SALARIN and DR PICCI , and the dive chamber manager, ROWAN SANDERSON have been fantastic , if not to say incredible. They did everything they could to help out, and figure out what was wrong with me.  I would recommend the Bangkok Phuket Hospital and the Badalveda chambers to any divers.
I will be checking my email twice a week know, if you want to keep in touch with me, don't hesitate to do it through this email address. I am staying in Koh Lanta for the next couple of weeks. I have been told by the managing director of the chamber to stay out of diving for the next 6 weeks for open water and 4 weeks for the pool, but my final medical certificate from the doctor says 4 weeks - no diving. What do you recommend? I am dying to go back in the water, and getting fed up with snorkelling!!!! Once again, THANK YOU all for your help and concern, keep up the good work.

Anne - Lyse

Nice to know there's someone to turn to when in doubt
Dear Dr Cali-Corleo, I am most grateful for your prompt reply and clear advice on the matter. I’m ever so grateful that there is someone like you and DAN, which the diving community can turn to when in doubt. This surely contributes to the reduction in diving incidents worldwide. Keep up the good work.


Help after a diving accident in Mexico
Hello, I was on vacation in Mexico during the first two weeks of June, where I had a small diving accident. I want to thank everyone at Dan Europe for all the advice and help I received. I also really appreciated your final phone call just to check if everything was all right with me, although you already had been advised so by the doctor who examined me. You are really very well organized and professional.

Thank you again for being there for me!
D. Z. – Belgium

Excellent support in inner ear problem
In late December, I called DAN Europe because of vertigo and tinnitus after a dive. It turned out to be an inner ear problem, not a symptom of DCI but, regardless, their information, support and concern was, in all respects, excellent.
Thank you.
Dwight L. Dubai,UAE

After my incident…
Very impressed with the level of attention I received after my incident!

Peter L. (Egypt)

Converted to DAN after witnessing first class service to his dive buddy
I wish to join your organisation due to the first class service you provided to one of my friends and fellow diver here in Gibraltar".

Stephen K.

Help with High Altitude Cerebral Edema in TIbet
Dear Professor Marroni / Dr. Quinto, I am a DAN Europe member and also a diving instructor. I suffered acute mountain sickness, high altitude cerebral edema (HACE), in Tibet China late September this year (my wife Sarah W . had talked and sought advice from both of you while taking care of me in Tibet, and received tremendous and valuable help from your centre). After treatment for about 10 days in local hospitals, I went back home for follow up treatments and examinations, including CT, MRI and neurological assessments, I was discharged from the hospital on 12 October. All the aforesaid examinations indicated satisfactory recovery and normal state of the brain / neurological response. From both the physical and psychological point of view, I am now basically as fit as before, and have been exercising swimming / snorkelling in the past few weeks.

Many many thanks
Yours sincerely
Brendan H.

Why DAN stands out from other organisations
As a new member of DAN I'm very impressed with the service I have received. I think it is the sevice a person receives when he has a complaint or problem that marks the difference between good organisations and the rest.

Thank you very much.
Riaan V.

DAN is always there when one has a problem
Thanks for the help. I can only confirm what I always tell everybody. DAN is always there when one has a problem.

Kind regards,

Feeling better after swift help
referring to our phonecall from today, thank you very much for your help and concern. Sorry about the difficulties with reaching me, but I  don´t have a private phone here. Last week I called for assistance, because I needed advice if I should see a doctor or not. After your recommendation I did, got some very helpfull medication and am a lot better now. My condition was not diving related. The medical report states, that I had a gastro-enthritis and an upper respiratory infection at the same time. Once again, thank you very much for your swift help.

Best regards,
Kevin  D.

Heard a dive instructor say, joining DAN was the best thing ever done
I was informed of the fantastic work you do from a recent diving holiday I was on in Ibiza, where the female instructor had to use the 'chamber'.
She told me it was the best thing that she had ever done, becoming a member with you.

J.C.- Scarborough, North Yorkshire -United Kingdom

Unique service: encouraging all dive friends to join DAN!
Dear DAN, Thank you so much for all your help! The service you gave me was unique!! I'm so happy to be a member :) I will tell all my friends about DAN. I have like 60 to 70 diver friend, only a few are members of DAN, hope you have more members by this way!

Best Regards

On his first hospitalisation, very impressed by the repatriation management
Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to thank the DAN Europe Foundation for your professional approach in taking care of matters related to my accident that occurred on July 19 in Turkey. This was the first time in my life that I had to be hospitalized for any reason. Because no relatives or friends were able to accompany me in the hospital, the thought that someone from the DAN Europe Foundation is taking care of my matters was very comforting. I am very impressed by the organization of my return home. Not many insurance companies would be able to organize a return trip from a foreign country in such great detail. I am very grateful for your assistance and hope to keep relations with your Foundation in better circumstances.

Yours sincerely,
Janusz B.

“My baby is sick!”
S.Domingo. June. Pieranna M., 1 year-old daughter of Antonio M., Italian DAN Europe Member and DAN Instructor has high fever, severe gastro-intestinal pain and diarrhea and convulsed during the night. Three days ago a local doctor had made a diagnosis of salmonellosis, and prescribed a treatment that had had no positive effect. Her father and mother are stressed and very worried. They call DAN on the DAN Europe Travel Assist 24 hour number. A tentative diagnosis of intestinal parasital infection, with fever-induced convulsions, is posed and the transfer to the local hospital for further tests and treatment is arranged. DAN Travel Assist’s local correspondent is activated to help out with the local logistics and the health care related costs. Pieranna is hospitalized and lab tests are performed, the diagnosis is intestinal salmonellosis and pharyngitis. A treatment with antibiotics and aggressive hydration is started. Three days later Pieranna has no more fever, has a good appetite, feels very well and is discharged from the hospital. Two weeks later a follow-up with a Pediatrics Specialist is organized, which confirms complete healing. All costs were covered by DAN Travel Assist.

Antonio M. writes to DAN: "Dear DAN, from Pieranna and all the family : YOU ARE GOOD! Keep on... For people like me, frequently staying, for months and with the family, in Countries like this, it’s very reassuring to know that we can count on professionals like you, in case of emergency. Believe me, this is not little! What you do is REALLY useful!"

"I fell on the boat and now can’t move!" - A happy ending story
Moal Boal Island, Cebu, Philippines, last April. Maurizio Z. DAN Europe insured member. Back trauma after falling on his back on the boat, while attempting to dive into the water for a swim (not scuba or skin diving). Cannot stand or sit due to excruciating pain. Under-evaluates the problem and calls DAN Travel Assist only to ask for an upgrade of his return ticket, to be able to travel on more comfortable business class seats on his flight home. DAN Doctors do not feel comfortable with the situation and prefer to organize a medical evaluation locally. DAN Travel Assist correspondents are activated and the transfer by ambulance to the Cebu hospital is organized for a preliminary X-ray examination. A vertebral displaced instable fracture of the first lumbar vertebra, with spinal cord compression, is diagnosed. A long-haul repatriation flight is not advisable as it bears the danger of permanent neurological damage, due the fracture’s instability; the patient is put on a spine-board for emergency evacuation, by Lear Jet Air Ambulance, to the Makati Medical Center, in Makati City, Manila, for spine stabilization prior to medical repatriation. Further tests, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging, are made, to help deciding the best operative modality. The Doctors of the Makati Medical Center communicate that the structure is not fully equipped for the type of surgery required, and suggest an air evacuation to Hong Kong, which is only 90 minutes away by air (an acceptable flight time and risk for the patient’s vertebral conditions) and has adequate health care facilities and specialists. The air evacuation is organized for the next day and the patient is transferred to the Baptist Hospital in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong specialists confirm the fracture diagnosis and the spinal cord compression, but consider the fracture’s instability less serious that previously thought, and say that the patient can be safely evacuated to Italy for the final surgical correction of his fracture. The next day an air ambulance is organized and the patient is safely repatriated to Europe, where the surgical correction is made with full recovery.

Two months later the member paid a visit to DAN Travel Assist, taking some bottles of the excellent wine produced in the area where he lives, to thank DAN and for a toast in celebration of a happy end!

Family reunification while hospitalised in Kenya
last March I was admitted to Mombasa Hospital and requested assistance from Travel Assist as a non diving emergency. DAN covered the costs incurred while I was in Mombasa Hospital. Daily I woudl speak on the phone to Dr. Quinto. I have no family in Kenya and requested that my father should come to Kenya as I was very sick and alone. He immediately arranged a flight to Mombasa that evening. Although some local correspondents failed to communicate with the hospital and assure them that all my bills were covered by Travel Assist and I had to call DAN Travel Assist in Italy to ask them to correct this situation, I thank you very much for your assistance with this matter. So far I am very pleased with DAN’s response to my recent illness, although the Kenyan office needs to be much faster in its response to orders from Europe.

Your sincerely
Rosalind F. - U.K.

When you are 18.000 km away from home….
I wish to thank all the DAN Europe Medical Staff who assisted me for a medical problem I incurred while travelling abroad and further confirmed the validity of being a DAN member, as I always believed. When you are 18.000 km away from home even a friendly and competent advice on the phone becomes important.

Thank you and keep up the good work!
Luigi L. – Italy

You were there for me, when I was alone in a foreign country
During the latter half of last year I joined a diving vessel as a paying crew member. The boat was being taken from Hull in England to its ultimate destination, Australia. As a crew member I took our medical insurance with DAN Europe, obviously hoping never to need it, but, on a voyage of this nature it seemed sensible. Unfortunately, on arrival in Australia I was quite ill and needed hospital treatment. I was admitted to St. Andrews, Brisbane. I knew at that stage, absolutely no-one in Australia, and lying in a strange bed, in a strange country away from family and friends, I can honestly say I have never been so lonely or so frightened. However, during the course of the next few weeks Dr. Quinto and his team proved to be a valuable lifeline for me. Not a single day went by, but I didn’t have a phone call from Italy asking how was I, and could they in any way help me, I can’t find the words to explain what exactly these calls meant to me, and couldn’t believe the kindness and empathy shown to me. To say thank you seems totally inadequate, because at a very low point in my life, you were there for me, offering support and help, that seemed to me to go way beyond anything I could have ever expected, my gratitude is sincere, and will remain so forever. May I, please, take this opportunity of wishing you hearfelt thanks, and all the very best that life can offer, I do feel if more businesses adopted your attitude we woudl indeed live i a better society. Thanking all the team at DAN Europe for being there not just for me, but for everyone.

June P. - U.K

"I felt like a king"
I am a member of DAN. My name is Kmil Emre A.. I had a diving accident in RED SEA in Egypte in 20 october and I went to the hospital of the navy in Hurghada. When I spoke with the chief doctor for my problems, the first thing he asked me was if I was a memer of DAN or not. When I said yes, he told me that everything was ok and he would care for all the formalities. I felt like a king because every doctor said to me that a member of DAN is a guest for them and not a patient. I was in the hospital 7 days and now I am ok. Thanks so much for everthing. I am very proud to be a member of DAN. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERTHING!

Emre A.


Impressed and reassured
Thank you Claudio! As I already mentioned to Dr. Germonpre I am impressed and reassured by the care DAN has shown.

Thank you all!
Ingrid Johanna Maria Van B.

"We are very glad to be DAN members"
We have for quite a long time trusted DAN for the honest side and professionalism they have always demonstrated. We are very glad to be DAN members.

Mwachidogo J. – KENYA

When I needed help the DAN team was there
I would like to thank the DAN team and especially Tessa Berghout, for their outstanding and professional customer service. When I needed help the DAN team was there for me and provided me with support and comfort. It is reassuring to be backed up by such a professional team when needed the most. The way you show actually concern with phone calls and follow up emails is outstanding. I feel that Tessa gave outstanding support and even related messages between me and my partner when we couldn’t communicate with each other. I am grateful for having DAN with me when I go diving. Hopefully I will never need help from DAN again but if I do, I know I will be met with professionalism, care and excellent customer service. I wish the DAN team and Tessa all the best in the future.

Thank you.
Yours Sincerely,
Ida S.

You support us in our choice
Following your initiatives insurance diving most of the divers leave the national federations and historical because they are no longer taken into account. European divers hope many of your development because we are privileged directly. So strong, you support us in our choice of free diving. We thank you and we wish you a Happy New Year to all teams Dan World."

Guy L. - France (via Facebook)

THANK YOU Dan Europe for a truly brilliant service
We have had to claim with DAN Europe 3 times over the last 10 years and have never ever had any problem whatsoever. The staff are extremely helpful and always willing to do whatever they can to help. They stay in contact frequently throughout the entire situation and all medical bills are paid on time, without question. Most recently, my daughter was taken very sick with Pneumonia and as she is covered by my husband's Pro Gold package, she was covered for her entire hospital stay and all medical bills and medication. It was a totally hideous ordeal and without the knowledge that DAN Europe were our insurance company and would deal with everything, it would of made the entire situation so much worse.

Vici T. - Belgium (via Facebook)

We Rely on you, Keep on you good job
Baaklini K.  LEBANON

From all I heard about, DAN is making a good work, thanks!

Kanerva J. - FINLAND

Great service,great prices,great piece of mind.


Thank you for this great network!


Being a member of DAN is one of the best decision I ever made!!!!

I would like to thank you all for your help during my vacation far from home in June this year, where I had a (fortunately small, but still scary) decompression accident.

I would like to thank especially Dr. Germonprè who was so kind as to answer all my questions, although it was already 11:30 pm for him, so he probably had to get out of bed to help me . . .

Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to him?

Also all the people who did the follow up afterwards and called me everyday until I returned home, thank you everyone!!!!

Being a member of DAN is one of the best decision I ever made!!!!

Again you showed me how important your organisation is to everyone who loves to dive!

You’re the best!



It's great knowing DAN is there!

I now have insurance with a fantastic organisation. I don't even bother shopping around for insurance it's just such a great product.

Thanks again for your help, I hope I never need the insurance, but it's great knowing DAN is there!

Claire S.


I just wanted to say thank you to your excellent organization


I just wanted to say thank you to all the DAN staff for helping me through that crazy time. Seriously it means a lot. For the time being i'm a bit short of ideas on how to repay you but i will make an effort some time in the future to give something back to your excellent organization

Many thanks again


"Good to see how well DAN works"


I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone at DAN for their help and support. I have never used my DAN insurance before and it is good to see how well it works when needed.


Kind Regards
Mike T.


A HUGE thank you to the team at Dan Europe!

A HUGE thank you to the team at Dan Europe! I dislocated and broke my ankle in 3 places by falling down an 8inch high step (yes, you read it right, all that damage from one little step)... I had to have surgery and now have 9 metal screws as a souvenir for my time in Thailand. It was super scary and stressful being alone in hospital these past 10 days but the team were so supportive and kind - it really helped having these guys on 'team Rachel'. If you haven't got DAN Pro Gold insurance I urge you to upgrade, best choice I ever made! Without their help and cover, I would be in a terrible situation right now. A special shout out to Marta, you are my DAN angel =) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel M. via Facebook