Anne Räisänen-Sokolowski

Regional Training Coordinator
Highest Diving Credentials 2* Instructor
Dive Instructor certifications from CMAS
Diving since 1997
Prefered kind of dives Interesting marine flora and fauna but also a few hundred years old ship wrecks in the Baltic Sea are fascinating
Medical Credentials MD, PhD, Diving and hyperbaric medicine specialist
Main Professional Activity physician (pathology, diving medicine)
First Aid related activities DAN Instructor Trainer
Why DAN Training? First aid courses provided by DAN Training are tailored for divers to improve their safety. The fellow diver is the first one on site to help, and often even more knowledgable about diving accidents than EMS arriving. DAN Training has long collaboration with Research that allows to integrate new knowledge into practice.
Message for the DAN Instructors Work you do, may do a great difference one day to a diver's and his family's life!