DAN Europe Propeller Injury Prevention Campaign

Dear friend/scuba diver, How many times while diving have you heard the sound of a motor boat dangerously close despite the proper use of your scuba signal buoy at the surface?


Every year there are recorded cases of divers being run over by motor-boat propellers transiting through a diving area, disregarding dive signal buoys equipped with diver warning flags. While there are more recorded cases of near misses.

DAN Europe, who has for years endeavored to promote a safety prevention campaign in bringing awareness of boat propeller accidents, now proposes your participation to the following initiatives:

  • help us circulate as much as possible the attached safety message, indicating newspapers, magazines, organizations, internet sites, television shows who may become involved in this safety prevention campaign;
  • ask us for our stickers (which are free) and attach them to suitable public areas;
  • sending us the report form in the event of disregard of boaters in observing the required distance of dive warning flags (past cases may also be reported on).

The caution and awareness of boat pilots is our only hope for a safer sea for all!
We are counting on you!

DAN Europe Safety Programs Department